Former Narcotics Officer Barry Cooper: We Terrorized Families Over Single Bags of Pot

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You’ll probably recognize Barry Cooper from his “Never Get Busted” videos. He recently appeared on the Huffington Post to discuss his experiences as a narcotics officer and what led him to find a new line of work.

Via HuffPost:

“A couple of times I raided a home and there were two kids in the home, scared, we terrorized the family, and it’s for a bag of pot,” Barry Cooper said Tuesday. “Searching the house, I noticed the kids had straight ‘A’ report cards, the parent’s checkbook was balanced, and I realized that something was amiss, something was really bad.”

“I put it together years later, after I started smoking pot,” he confessed. “You know, a lot of people report that the use of that medication helps a person self-reflect. And, wow, the veil came off and then I started doing the real research for myself instead of believing the propaganda. And I cried for a year after I found out the truth and what I had been involved in.”

3 Comments on "Former Narcotics Officer Barry Cooper: We Terrorized Families Over Single Bags of Pot"

  1. BuzzCoastin | Aug 15, 2013 at 4:17 pm |

    which is why the Min of Truth
    must call the place
    The Land of the Free
    otherwise, you’d never know it

  2. Damn!! Barry Cooper what have you done with yourself, you look hot. No offence.

  3. Chugs Rodiguez | Aug 18, 2013 at 9:36 pm |

    I’ve become the very thing I hate.

    The guy who makes the Obama is crap posts.

    But seriously didn’t we all believe when Obama was running for election, the first time, that he was going to be one.

    The one who bought harmony to drug laws and the police.

    Instead under his regime just as many people are being arrested and imprisioned.

    And that shit they pulled last week with no longer charging people with crimes that have min sentence requirements. They could have done that anytime in the last 6 years. They’re just getting their assed kicked on this NSA thing that they’re throwing us 99% a bone.

    Fuck their bone.

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