France’s Gayest Anti-Gay Marriage Activists: Hommen

manif-pour-tous-gay2Via America blog:

France’s gayest anti-gay group, Hommen, is at it again. When they’re not protesting against gay rights, the shirtless, buff, hairless boys of Hommen enjoy forming dogpiles, climbing giant poles and putting on street theater. You know, just good, clean, virulently anti-gay fun.

Witness more of their totally straight antics here.

  • Zenc

    Satire or Sublimation?

  • lifobryan

    Hmmmm …. I’m afraid I’m experiencing cognitive short-circuiting.

    Message: deplorable
    Messengers: hot

  • rhetorics_killer

    This cumulated male display looks like quite a gay-looking fashion. Something about repressed feelings?

    The so-written ‘prisonnier politique’ on their torsos refers to the fact that a young man from the anti-gay demonstration ended up in jail having broken a recent very strict law concerning demonstration behaviour in France. A law edicted by former president Sarkozy, who happens to be the one these same demonstrators cherish. (The anti-gay movement was backed by the powerful catholic church and the totality of reactionary parties, the ‘center’, the right and its extreme.)

    • Ce Gzz

      funny that the same technique used by Femen is not seen like that. (is it just because they do support ss marriage?)

      • rhetorics_killer

        this is because female imagery does not propagate the same kind of associations as male imagery; so different outcomes will spring out from ‘same’ posing. (And anyway, these ‘homen’ pose for maintaining their social group’s superiority, while femen act for women’s (a minority) rights.)

        • Ce Gzz

          EXCUSE ME? femen wouldn’t even know how to act for WOMEN’S RIGHTS! first because that group is so diluted in stupid protests that they IGNORE ABSOLUTELY the real rights we WOMEN still pursue. When they start protesting about the new mass sterilization wave they are imposing on South America (as if fertility was a disease for women), or why we can’t still have our right to keep our jobs over here when we become pregnant…that is when I could credit them that they are aware of what this all women’s rights are.

          • rhetorics_killer

            I was not making a stance for praising femen; merely stated what kind of association induces what ever kind of conclusion. This apart I quite agree with your opinion on femen, a mere society-of-spectacle avatar of caricatural feminism.

          • Ce Gzz

            in that we do agree!

  • ManwithnoCountry

    It makes fun of itself.