Head Of NSA Addresses Defcon Hackers Conference And Gets Heckled

In a creepily lobotomized-sounding voice, NSA chief Army Gen. Keith Alexander makes his case to a hostile and skeptical audience at the Defcon hacker conference on Wednesday, and promises “more of the same”:

  • Ted Heistman

    Sounds like he made a choice a long time ago never to question his “superiors”.

    • hagbard23

      Those reptiloid bastards!

  • Juan

    Miserable, lying piece of shit.
    The fucking Empire is in the business of actively creating “terrorists” and manufacturing chaos zones and conflicts all over the fucking planet. It is what they do best. It’s what justifies their continued bloated beyond all reason military budgets.
    This clown has got a lot of balls to get up and blatantly lies his ass off like that. I guess thery’re used to people believing all their lies.

    • howiebledsoe

      This guy sounds pretty fucking brainwashed. He actually believes it, which is why they use him as a mouthpiece.

  • emperorreagan

    While our intelligence services are jerking off to fantasies about dirty bombs, chemical/biological weapons, and god only knows what else…we’ve had what, maybe 1 attack since 9/11 that wasn’t the FBI goading someone into some plan they subsequently thwart? The post 9/11 attacks in the US don’t even rise to the level of what the US intelligence services distributed in instructional manuals to the various Islamist groups in the Soviet-Afghan war.

    You’d be better off posting FBI agents at public schools, because off-kilter kids have committed more acts of terror post 9-11 than anyone else.

    • InfvoCuernos

      actually a pretty good idea.

      • atlanticus

        *sigh* …Doesn’t anyone remember how they became fucked up adults?

        Maybe you guys didn’t have to deal with this shit, but because of Columbine, I had to see a counselor for weeks, because I “wore too much black”.

        I had a friend that tried to report another kid lighting her hair on fire and they 1.) didn’t take action on the pyro kid, and 2.) confiscated her jewelry because it was “too spiky”.

        You can say it sounds whiny now, and I guess part of growing up is seeing that perspective, but schools persecuting the quiet weirdos only added bitter icing to the shit cake of the fucked up home lives of many people I knew…

        p.s. I realize kids now might be a little different and that I really have nearly zero understanding of the current generation…I’m just saying that’s how it was when I was in the public school system.

        • emperorreagan

          I was just joking about the FBI thing.

          I actually think many of the problems we have now are because the entire system is overconstrained.

        • Jonas Planck

          Don’t feel TOO modern… I was singled out in the late 1980s for wearing black, listening to heavy metal, and playing D&D. The school had our alleged “satanic cult” under surveillance (due to concerns voiced by exceptionally stupid parents who believed all that crap about backwards messages hidden in Judas Priest records), but never did seem to figure out that we were more in danger of never getting laid than we were in danger of practicing human sacrifice.
          I strongly doubt that this subsequent generation has gotten any smarter during the interim.

        • The Well Dressed Man

          Luckily I’m a few years too old. The all-in-black trenchcoat crew I was part of in the early 90s would have been violently destroyed post columbine. Fucked up kids become fucked up adults… I may actually get my shit together before middle age.

    • howiebledsoe

      Yes, big pharma and the NRA have done more for internal terrorism via kids on prozac than any Al Qaida operative could hope for.

  • InfvoCuernos

    Wait a second! You mean to tell me that hackers had an open conference and invited the NSA to speak? Who paid for this conference, NSA or Nikon Cameras? Who would be dumb enough to show up for that one?

  • Rhoid Rager

    They went easy on him. We all go way too easy on all his ilk.

  • howiebledsoe

    Obviously not, but worth a thought.

  • sambrown299

    I will have nightmares with that awful person’s voice..

  • $6241910

    Its all about collecting as much data as possible. Sooner or later EVERYONE is going to have something attached to their digital life that could be considered a crime.

    “oh you’re speaking out against us.. Let us take a look in your digital history..”

    “Oh guess what.. we found this piece of evidence that you committed a crime right here in this location that we’ve been tracking you with your smart phone that you goto every day…”

    Its all about damage control. They know the public is soon to revolt.
    They want as much info as they can so they can just disappear anyone that speaks out.