Is Huge Hand-Print In Nevada Cave Evidence Of Legendary Tribe Of Cannibal Giants?


The obvious follow-up question being, could a few still be alive and hidden in the desert caves? Who Forted? ponders:

Did two Bigfoot hunters stumble onto evidence of a long lost race of giant cannibals in a Nevada cave? They believe that their discovery of a huge, charred handprint backs up claims of legendary “Red-Headed Giants”.

In 1911 David Pugh and James Hart, two guano miners, were excavating a cave on the eastern side of Nevada when they discovered several sets of giant bones, remains which many now believe belong to the Si-Te-Cah, a storied Paiute tribe of red-haired cannibal giants. Legend has it that the last remaining giants were burned alive inside the cave thousands of years ago.

Pugh and Hart were more interested in harvesting guano than preserving history, and many artifacts were destroyed before the Museum of Anthropology and the University of California were contacted for a proper excavation. Eventually, in 1984, Lovelock Cave was designated as a historical site.

Recently, a set of images snapped by Bigfoot Investigators MK Davis and Don Monroe were released, showing the interior of the 150-foot cave and what looks to be one very large hand-print…the proportions may have belonged to a person roughly 18 feet tall. Adding to the evidence captured by the Squatchers are what they claim to be dermal ridges burned into the stone bolder, which would point to impressions made by human (or human-like) hands.

6 Comments on "Is Huge Hand-Print In Nevada Cave Evidence Of Legendary Tribe Of Cannibal Giants?"

  1. InfvoCuernos | Aug 4, 2013 at 3:32 pm |

    Hardly conclusive. Still waiting on a body. Saying there was a bunch of bones in the cave does not constitute proof. If that were the case, I would like to get a loan based on the fact that at one point I had a million dollars in my wallet.

  2. BuzzCoastin | Aug 4, 2013 at 8:21 pm |

    the “Red-Headed Giants” are
    the redheaded stepsons of archeology

  3. No, that is is a blob. I would not look at that and think “handprint” here is a cave handprint-

  4. “guano miners” I feel a career change coming on.

  5. 1) Bigfoot hunters are hardly trustworthy sources for anything, and 2) Why the hell would there be a handprint scorched in rock? There is no way it could have burned long enough and hot enough to cause that kind of damage. Loads and loads of BS here.

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