JoyCamp Takes On…

JoyCamp Takes On…

JoyCamp takes on over 100 “conspiracies” in under 4 minutes. (Even more in the extended version & outtakes).

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  1. Joycamp takes on? They’ve taken on nothing. It’s just a long listing of things of which only some are a conspiracy. Some of what they mention are not conspiracies, but hidden or ignored knowledge and/or ideas.

    These guys really need to hire some comedy writers.

    • Thanks for the feedback, HCE! We always love reading your comments. In fact, we think you’re so good at writing them, we’d love to hire you as our new comedy writer! Email us asap. We can’t wait to get started!

  2. is the native american holocaust
    a fact
    that has been deliberately forgotten

    what s up guys
    you re smarter than that


    • I don’t think that they’re implying that the Native American holocaust is an actual “conspiracy” per se… It is more that it’s an event that has been lumped in with bigger conspiratorial motivations or plots. At some point, many things that actually occurred in history (i.e. Native American holocaust, Nazi holocaust, 911, and so on)… become associated with being part of the Illuminati’s master plan, having satanic or occult attachments,

      In many ways their take on these issues might be more maniacal than true humor… What do you do when things like this actually happen? You can only sit and stew in depressing shi# for so long… Sometimes you have to laugh.

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