Near-Death Experience Explained? Brain Activity Continues Up ToThirty Seconds After Blood Flow Stops

david-showing-goliaths-head-caravaggioScientists believe that they may have found an explanation for the near-death experience. Apparently the brain continues functioning for 30 seconds after blood stops flowing. Incidentally, this may lend more credence to stories of human heads continuing to function after decapitation.

Via Raw Story:

There may be a scientific explanation for the vivid near-death experiences, such as seeing a shining light, that some people report after surviving a heart attack, US scientists said Monday.

Apparently, the brain keeps on working for up to 30 seconds after blood flow stops, according to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

University of Michigan scientists did their research on nine lab rats that were anesthetized and then subjected to induced cardiac arrest as part of the experiment.

In the first 30 seconds after their hearts were stopped, they all showed a surge of brain activity, observed in electroencephalograms (EEGs) that indicated highly aroused mental states.

Check your neck and keep reading.

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  • Conspiracy Carrot

    Who cares? We’re here now. Just try to enjoy it. Killing a bunch of rats won’t prove anything. Just like a book written by goat-fuckers thousands of years ago won’t prove anything. Nobody will or can know what happens when we die until they’re six feet under.

    • Hocketeer

      I believe that I may have found that scientists seem to dislike rats without which they would be nothing, maybe.

  • NathanSpeller

    Have an Out of Body experience, or an out of time trance where you envision future events and you won’t be concerned with dying. This doesn’t explain any of the most interesting NDE experiences reported.

  • Bob G

    “Apparently, the brain keeps on working for up to 30 seconds after blood flow stops, according to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.”
    If that statement is true then how do you explain the DNC, Acorn, Occupy groups, Planned Parenthood, public school teachers, university professors, PETA, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc., etc., etc.

    • Conspiracy Carrot

      You made a funny. Here’s a cookie and a pat on the head.

      • Bob G

        Looks like I ticked off half a dozen liberals. I’m obviously not trying hard enough. Shame on me.

        • Andrew

          Maybe you should start lynching black people.

          • Bob G

            Really good idea there Andrew but I would need a horse and some big old oak trees. Would you like to help me out here buddy? And lookie here, I’ve ticked off seven liberals. I’m trying hard. Give me some credit.

  • Butinksy

    They damn well better make sure they wait 30 seconds before removing my organs for harvest!!

  • Evan
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