Neo-Pantheism Briefly Described

many people out there have difficulty in describing how they can believe so many different things all at the same time. We’re still fighting the age old battle against dogma and ideology. This brief explanation of Neo-pantheism has served me well and merits a quick and easy review. I look forward to your thoughts and input.

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  • bsackamano

    I’m not sure which # on the NWO list universal religion is, idk maybe it’s on the guidestones?

    • Gabriel D. Roberts

      I’d say it’s more like chewing the meat of the good things each has to offer and spitting out the metaphorical bones.

  • Kevin Leonard

    Undertaking a serious study of comparative religion, and I mean serious like the anthropologists who ingest the ritualistic plants instead of studying the resultant behavior of ritual participants from afar, can lead to insights of the universal truths behind each religion without any external coercion.

    Different religions are nothing more than different caves with different rocks casting different shadows on the wall.

    • Gabriel D. Roberts

      Well said, Kevin.

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