New Kind of Solid May Have Been Discovered: Q-Glass

s-Q-GLASS-largeScientists think that they might have discovered a new category of solids. It’s called q-glass. Attention science-minded hip hop artists: Please claim this name.

Via HuffPo:

There’s no hard evidence yet, but scientists say they have discovered a substance that may represent a whole new category of solids.

Dubbed q-glass, the newly observed substance seems to fall into neither of two familiar categories of solids–conventional crystals or glasses. Nor does it seem to belong to a more esoteric family of solids that physicists call quasicrystals.

“Strangest material I ever saw,” one of the researchers behind the discovery, Dr. Lyle Levine of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Gaithersburg, Md., said in a written statement. “It’s amazing. Everything you can think about this thing behaves like a crystal, except it isn’t.”

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  • emperorreagan

    Kool Keith should claim it as another identity. He’s already rapped about crystallography on one of his projects.

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