Novels of The Coming Transhuman Mind Meld

crux2This week sees the release of Crux (Aug 27), the second title in a transhumanist trilogy featuring a mind-linking, mind-expanding, nano-drug that its author believes theoretically possible – and he may just know about these things. He’s Ramez Naam, a noted futurist and author of the HG Wells Award winning non-fiction book on human augmentation, More than Human.

In Crux, and its prequel, Nexus, the self-described “techno-optimist” Naam pits the hallowed forces of progress against the Emerging Risks Directorate, a US government department executing a brutal and futile campaign against human augmentation that evokes the “War on Drugs” and the “War on Terror”.

I wanted to talk with the author about the implications for such augmentation as I myself had written about a similar technology in my own novel, Human+, and recently recorded an interview with him for The Eternities podcast. We talked also about my own novel’s very different central question, of whether technological innovation itself could obstruct progress; in this case, the progress of human consciousness towards its full potential.

Naam commented, “If we had a technology … that made it possible to directly send thoughts, experiences, images , emotions, concepts between people’s minds, that would increase empathy, increase communication, increase the pace of innovation, but also bind us more tightly into these superorganisms, you can imagine some people … inevitably merging into a point where we really are kind of blurring the boundaries of where does one person begin, where does one end. Or maybe we think of this group of bodies is a person, more than we think about that individual body.”

Listen to The Eternities podcast with Crux author Ramez Naam.

Martin Higgins

Martin Higgins is a journalist, podcaster and novelist. In 2012 he published Human+, described by as "a science-fiction page-turner inspired by futures studies, psychic spy research, and the transhumanist movement". In 2013 he began The Eternities podcast which features Interviews with writers and thinkers on the themes of consciousness, technology and human potential. He is based in Wirral, England.

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