NSA Targets Users Who Search for ‘Suspicious Stuff’

suspicious-cat-ish-suscpicious-18294363945_xlargeThey flag users who search for “suspicious stuff”? I’m screwed. You might as well join me.

Via Slate:

If you have ever searched the Internet for something the NSA has deemed “suspicious,” you may have found yourself flagged up on the screen of a government spy. At least, that’s what a series of newly published secret documents suggest—raising fresh privacy concerns about the pervasive reach of the NSA’s global surveillance programs.

On Wednesday, the Guardian disclosed a range of new details about an NSA program called “XKEYSCORE,” which is an international system used by the NSA to secretly siphon data directly off of Internet networks. A small amount of information was first revealed about this system earlier this month by Brazilian newspaper O Globo, which published secret documents that appeared to show how the NSA was able to use XKEYSCORE to spy on Google maps searches.

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  • toadboy

    So, lets all search for suspicious stuff. Whatever that means. someone should compile a list of suspicious terms, then use that list for “track me not” background software. Track me Not does searches on terms chosen from whatever source it is set to harvest from. It defaults to today’s New York Times. It picks random phrases from the source text, and searches those terms in the background while you do your normal computer thing. We can no longer hide from the secret police, but we can bury them with useless data.

    • Juan

      I really like this idea. Good luck to the spooks who have to search through all that shit.

  • godozo

    Like the last sentence in the article: If everyone uses encryption, then it will be considered normal.

    Now if we could get everyone else to do so….

  • Eric Smith

    99% of people are too stupid to have a dangerous thought.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/stevebenson/ Stephen Benson

    File under no sh*t sherlock.

  • BuzzCoastin

    users who search for “suspicious stuff”
    far out number the snoops dog

  • emperorreagan

    So i should stop looking for wikihow articles on VX nerve agent?

    • Calypso_1

      I’ll just start using your Username.

      • emperorreagan

        It’s good to know I’m headed to gitmo no matter what I do!

    • emperorreagan

      Can I earn $7104 per week to make bad jokes about nerve agents?

  • Liam_McGonagle

    I suppose this means they’ll have to track all movements in and out of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Memorial Library.

    You know the quote I’m thinking of . . .

  • Angela Monger

    Hell, I bet we all search for “suspicious” stuff everyday. Getting on the Internet in the first place is probably “suspicious” to these nutjobs. I do like the idea of morons drowning in more useless data.

  • Jonas Planck

    Considering that they regard playing Angry Birds as “suspicious” I’m pretty sure we’re all in the clear. Or at least, as in the clear as one can be when everybody everywhere is a suspect. Now where is that giant helium-xenon laser I ordered from Amazon? I was told that drone delivery would shave days off the transport time!