One, Two, Three, Four, When Are We Going to Go to War? Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Are You Out of Your F__king Mind! (What We Should Know Before Waging War on Syria)

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I. Introduction

Everything is politics, from what we eat to what we drink, from what society deems acceptable behavior to what it considers a criminal offence, from who we interact with to how we interact with them. Politics decides if we are free or if we live as slaves in bondage.

Politics determines what our children are taught in school, how we treat the ecosystem, what theories scientists investigate, how art is perceived (video), what version of history we recall, and how the future will remember us.

In essence, politics governs our thoughts, our understanding of reality, and how we and our society evolve. It is, therefore, essential that we participate in the political process, may it be through demonstrations, whistleblowing, elections, activism, disobedience or a myriad of other forms of direct action, or may it be through simple analysis so that we have a full understanding of what is being done in our name.

At present, one of the main issues of our time is if we should go to war with Syria. The war drums are pounding and it appears that war is all but certain. A crucial time, indeed, considering the gravity of the situation and where this is going to lead us. The question is, should we continue to intervene in the political affairs of other nations or should we mind our own business and tend to our own problems.

Below you will find some questions that we should be asking ourselves regarding this war. Some of the answers to these questions, or at least some additional information, have been itemized as well as provided as hyperlinks. If you would like to have a brief synopsis of the premise of what’s being presented, the following lecture by Scott Ritter provides it. The lecture, which in my opinion should be mandatory viewing for every American and part of every high school curriculum, explains what took place in the buildup to the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, the opening of Pandora’s Box.

    “The US ambassador to Baghdad conceded yesterday [2006] that the Iraq invasion had opened a Pandora’s box of sectarian conflicts which could lead to a regional war and the rise of religious extremists who ‘would make Taliban Afghanistan look like child’s play’.”

II. Questions

Just a few questions that we should be asking ourselves before we begin another war:

1) Haven’t we done this before? 2) Are we about to bomb another country? 3) Are we targeting Muslims? 4) What are the repercussions of this? 5) How will this affect our relationship with other countries? 6) Are we going this alone? 7) Will there be any blowback? 8) Will the world regard this as a crusade? 9) What are our reasons for going to war? 10) Did someone use forbidden weapons of war? 11) Do we have any proof of this? 12) What does U.S. intelligence say? 13) Do we know who used them? 14) Are we being told the truth? 15) What’s really going on? 16) Who’s pushing for this war? 17) Who are some of the beneficiaries? 18) Do Syrians want us to intervene in their civil war? 19) Will we be able to contain this? 20) Who are some of the other players we should be concerned about? 21) What do some of the dissenting voices have to say? 22) Could this be a false flag? 23) Are we here again?

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6 Comments on "One, Two, Three, Four, When Are We Going to Go to War? Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Are You Out of Your F__king Mind! (What We Should Know Before Waging War on Syria)"

  1. InfvoCuernos | Aug 31, 2013 at 2:45 pm |

    It just wouldn’t be a Crusade without at least a nod to Aleppo.

  2. BuzzCoastin | Aug 31, 2013 at 5:36 pm |

    Raygun invaded Granada & Guatamala
    sold drugs in LA to fund weapons for the Contras
    and became the model Homeland Prez
    even has a postage stamp

    what’s to slow Obummer down?
    he’s more bullet proof than Raygun

    • …and people are more distracted than the 80’s.

      As for what can change US foreign policy, a full economic collapse, and that can only occur when Americans stop buying shit.

      • atlanticus | Sep 1, 2013 at 2:56 pm |

        “…and people are more distracted than the 80’s.”

        This…is a very information-intensive post. I’d be very curious to know how many people actually click on even half of those links and/or watch half of that video, because my initial response was to mouse-over the links to get the general gist of the content and then when I saw the video was an hour long, I almost closed the tab…

        In an effort to fight my own technology-conditioned “ADD”, for once I am going to attempt to pay attention…right after I have lunch and meditate in preparation…

        • Hope you do end up watching the video. It’s not a sound bite, so most people will skip it, unfortunately, but it is an amazing analysis of what ills our society and provides a lot of info on what actually took place in the build up to the Iraq invasion. Should be mandatory viewing really.

  3. Charlie Primero | Sep 3, 2013 at 4:09 pm |

    “demonstrations, whistleblowing, elections, activism, disobedience”

    Hahhaha. Indeed. Recommend the “disobedience” of not paying taxes to the Predators and see how many “socially conscious” individuals rally to your side.

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