Peter Gorman Was Infected With Flesh Eating Bacteria In The Amazon

1002190_10151833672538659_352508625_nPeter Gorman, one of the men largely responsible for bringing awareness of ayahuasca to the western world and the author of the truly remarkable book Ayahuasca In My Blood could use some serious help.

Peter is a noted and award-winning journalist and adventurer – also a damn good friend, father, brother, guide and simply all-around one of the good guys, and there ain’t many good guys left.

For nearly 30 years Peter has been working with Ayahuasca, and in Peru in the deep jungle — he is a living legend.

Let’s keep it that way

This recent trip the jungle sunk its teeth in really, seriously deep and Peter picked up three different staph infections – a flesh eating bacteria – that tore into him and threatened to eat his leg away below the knee.

As I write this, his leg has been saved – however, he’s not out of the woods yet.

Peter is still fighting the infection – battling against it going systemic – throughout his entire body.

Peter writes: “(It’s) …been in the muscle for six weeks. Been on drip for six weeks. In Iquitos, in the jungle, in Iquitos and here at the hospital and now here at home. I’m about to have an IV as a matter of fact. I’ve already lost a lot of muscle. I’m trying to keep it from reaching the bone and going systemic.”

To witness the severity of the situation you can see an image of Peter’s leg here and here

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  1. BuzzCoastin | Aug 25, 2013 at 2:15 pm |

    > Peter picked up three different staph infections

    this is one of the serious problems of jungle living
    especially for those not born & reared in a jungle
    I’ve seen it a lot over the years

    the staph is always in the body
    the jungle wears down the immune system
    staph feeds on sugar too
    usually large doses of antibiotics halt the spread
    getting the immune system tuned up before going back into the jungle helps

  2. The spirit of the amazon wills it! How can somebody who studies plants not cure himself from 3 types of flesh-eating bacteria? I mean, i know a lot of plants which are anti-biotic, anti-septic of immune enforcing. Strange that somebody who is in the field for 30 years, studies ayahuasca medicine and is a living legend, can’t cure himself, but needs 15000$ in order to get cured…

    • Strangely enough, being in the field and studying ayahuasca didn’t make him immortal.

    • Dan Muench | Aug 25, 2013 at 10:28 pm |

      Yeah, go get a serious infection that gets that deep, and you go ‘cure yourself’ with those plants. Let me know where to forward my fondest regards.

      I was on drip for 6 days for a ‘mere’ animal bite – pink streak went up to my armpit and disappeared, could have easily died. Matter of fact, such infections are THE reason why modern humans live longer – we’d simply have had an infection that would have killed us by a certain age in earlier times.

      I love homeopathy at all that but in case of serious infection, let modern medicine do what it does best. Or, you know, get that Darwin Award application ready…

    • Well gee then by all means get his address and go heal him yourself since these things are clearly just childsplay that anyone whose taken a lot of ayahuasca can cure….

    • Chugs Rodiguez | Aug 26, 2013 at 8:43 pm |

      @Timmy because it takes time to isolate the anti-bacterial agents from these plants. The larger problem is that there is no money in producing antibiotics.

      There are only three companies left on this planet still researching new antibiotics and these are known drugs (think of a road map and their just driving to the remaining known locations). Once these companies finish producing these last antibiotics this world is going to be up shit creek. Seriously we are in a dire situation. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but in decades before getting antibiotics or a sniffle was easier then buying milk from the shops. These days medical policies across the western world have changed massively and there is a big lock down on using antibiotics just so we can etch out another couple of decades with our known drugs.

      This is also why there are over 50,000 medical facilities int the United States alone that are certified in using “Maggot Therapy”. That is using maggots to eat out infected wounds (they eat the bacteria infected/dying flesh and leave the uninfected flesh). In fact medical schools are starting to investigate and research prior 1940s methods on bacteria treatments – you know amputations and such.

      Regarding the plants that you hear so often in those MSN and Yahoo articles that display anti – x properties – in the vast majority of cases applying the plant to a wound/patient will often see animal/test subject killed or massive organ failure.

      It takes a long time to isolate the agent and go to human trials and the vast majority of these drugs fail long before they get to stage 3 (hence why there are only three companies left doing this sort of research and productisation.

      Plus to fight three separate staph infections with modem antibiotics, without killing patient, is a very difficult and complex process.

      We’re talking about people suffering organ damage and other issues where doctors have to weigh up giving the patient several different antibiotics that could destroy the remaining kidney/liver function of the patient.

      Lastly ensuring that the bacteria, especially relatively unknown varieties from the Amazon, gaining antibiotic resistance to these drugs is also major consideration.

      This shit is dangerous and has major ramifications. Youtube some documentaries on antibiotic resistance TB, or the massive nightmare that is happening in third-world countries like India where doctors and corruption have seen a massive increase in antibiotic resistance infections – they basically hand these drugs out willy nilly or the factories that produce them dump the huge amounts of antibiotics in their waste water saturating slums, and ground water / reservoirs with just enough antibiotics that allows the bacteria in the wild to get used to it enough to develop resistances.

      You know what kills most travelers in the third-world when they’re in an accident. not the accident but the bacterial infection they get as a result of open wounds being exposed to environment.

  3. apparently there are studies being done with black cumin oil and staph infection- but whats done is done, so maybe look into … free donation website. it has worked for a lot of people for much less important things..

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