Protest for Teen Killed By Taser – A Community Outraged By Cops (Israel Hernandez)

We Are Change covers the emotionally-intense protests for Israel Hernandez–the Miami teen who was killed when tased by cops, who reportedly laughed and “high-fived” each other after doing so. Friends, family, neighbors, and strangers arrived at the rally, amassing in an undeniably potent group that attracted the attention of onlookers, drivers, and Miami Beach Police, who watched cautiously the entire time behind shady sunglasses, or atop nearby rooftops.

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  1. Lookinfor Buford | Aug 15, 2013 at 9:31 am |

    Taser’s should be banned, or at the very least built at half the voltage. Cops don’t need to completely incapacitate someone to control them. Here’s a tragedy for you. In my home town, a man who was trying to run back into his burning house to save his toddler inside, was prevented from doing so, by the cops, using a taser, for his own good. Basically, it’s policy now for the ‘authorities’ to deny a man his unalienable right to die trying to save his own child, for his own safety. Is this where we are in our cozy little nanny state?

  2. Cops are not your friend they are too busy having affairs and killing innocent people and getting paid for it all. America the use to be great. Never talk to the police because what you tell them will be used against you.

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