Red Star Summer

The_Sun_by_the_Atmospheric_Imaging_Assembly_of_NASA's_Solar_Dynamics_Observatory_-_20100819You got that fire? Do you want that fire to burn what doesn’t serve you to cinder? Now is the time to step forward. Beautiful fires of creation and change have been lit this summer, all over the world. This year, I have seen a chaotic explosion of creation and raw ability in all of my communities, mundane or otherwise. People in my own city are doing wonderful things right now. My communities are reaching out, giving back, and being excited when their effort is returned to them. As that creative fire unfurled and grew, as the heat in Jackson, Mississippi reached a high point, things started changing. Events seemed to randomly collide towards the best possible result. In my city, in my country, I have seen such wonderful things begin to happen and continue to occur. I want to keep this fire burning a bit longer.

I’ve been knocking on a lot of doors recently, doors of wood and of the aether. I have stood in the square and called out in the midnight air, despite shouts for my silence and complicity in devolution. When we share our abilities as a community, we strengthen not only ourselves, but others. We unknowingly reach out to others simply by speaking up and letting them know they are not alone. Isolation breeds fear, and fear is a mind killer. It cripples your Will. Silence will not serve us this year. Go out and hunt down what you need during these sweltering nights. Kill your fear.

In most communities, we all love to pick on the new kid. It’s a rite of passage, something that all of us went through at some point in our lives. How we love to roll our eyes at the new person who talks loud and doesn’t know much. Others try to pick up the cute, bright-eyed newbie who could easily end up scared away and with a rather negative impression of your community. Our sacred duty as stewards of our communities is to reach out to that new kid and help them get started. By all means, roll your eyes, but then reach out your hand to help. Reaching out your hand will start a positive cycle that can keep on going, with delightful, surprising results. I speak from experience. Call it karma, call it good juju, or whatever you please, but when you reach out, something great will reach back.

We could all use a leg up, we could all step up our game. For some of us, building a community is legacy work, a chance to make something worthy to leave behind when we are long in our graves. For me, this year is a chance to build something that will last. Something for those kids too scared to talk to somebody, something for those adults grown tired and weary of being shouted down. We, as community stewards and gatekeepers, can give these people sanctuary, a place to share their joy and work. I got that fire, and I want to share it so it won’t burn me to cinder. Help build something your community deserves this year, and honor your own flame.

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  • Samantha Logan Melton

    I really enjoyed this article. Very well written, and full of truth. ♥

  • Dejah

    Awesome! It is a fact that we all need to step up and be the light that we hope to see for the future!

  • Rob Lai

    Most of this didn’t make a damned bit of sense, honestly. But it seems positive and enthusiastic, so all to the good, I say. If making sense to me was a requirement for making a point, there wouldn’t be a lot out there…

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