Sierra Leone Man With Uranium in His Shoe Arrested at JFK Airport

2303390“Brawndo shoes  got what athletes crave: They’ve got uranium.”

Via BBC:

A man from Sierra Leone has been arrested at New York’s John F Kennedy airport with uranium samples allegedly concealed in his shoes.

Patrick Campbell was charged with attempting to broker a sale of 1,000 tonnes of yellowcake uranium to Iran. He allegedly made the offer to US undercover agents, thinking they were representing the Iranians.

Samples of raw uranium ore were found beneath the inner soles of his shoes, an agent said in a US court complaint.

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  • alizardx

    “Anti-terrorism” “security” measures as implemented only protect against the REALLY stupid. Looks like they found one. He should have carried the uranium ore samples in a jockstrap as a tribute to Darwin.

    • Matt Staggs

      Yeah, but then I would have had to Google Image Search “crotch on fire” for a suitably snarky image.

  • emperorreagan

    What kind of idiot would travel to the US to broker a trade of uranium with Iran?

    I’m going to go with the sort of idiot that really doesn’t have uranium to trade…or is a stooge employed by US intelligence still trying to build a case against Iran.

    • TiredMemeCat

      The kind of idiots the NSA already knew about by having 75% of the Internet under illegal surveillance.

  • BuzzCoastin

    > He allegedly made the offer to US undercover agents

    isn’t this the way most terrorist plots get foiled
    some schmo gets set up by the Feds
    and they get press for the take down

    I doubt this dude initiated the transaction
    probably got a good idea from an FBI snitch
    which is probably where he got the uranium too

  • Calypso_1

    good thing he didn’t have it keister stashed.

    • Adam’s Shadow

      So much radiation poisoning, he’d get colon cancer yesterday.

  • DJBabyBuster

    Should have kept the uranium and gave them a shoddy bomb casing full of used pinball machine parts.