Teen Killed by Taser, Cops Laugh and High-Five Each Other

We Are Change headed to Miami Beach — the site where Israel Hernandez was killed after being tased by Miami Beach Police.

Exclusive interviews were conducted with Israel’s best friends, who were with him the night he was caught drawing a small amount of graffiti on an abandoned building that was already covered in street art. According to his best friends/eye witnesses, after Israel was tased and apparently dead, the cops were laughing and “high-five-ing” each other.

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Luke Rudkowski is an independent journalist, activist, live streamer and founder of WeAreChange.org.

Luke began his activism at the age of 17 when he was wrongfully accosted and assaulted by the NYPD. In 2006, at the age of 20, Luke founded the independent and grassroots media organization, WeAreChange. Through this organization and the use of social media, he has aimed to inspire those who no longer feel they can trust the mainstream media to become the media themselves. As support for WeAreChange grew, many followers became active themselves and WeAreChange has grown into a global organization with 160 independent chapters around the world.

Through Luke’s activism and journalism he has been able effect legislation and also influence dialog on a national level on important issues such as extrajudicial assassinations. Along with being featured in multiple documentaries, his work has been highlighted in numerous major news publications including CNN, MSNBC, BBC, The London Guardian, FOX, Huffington Post, Rolling Stone, RT, Al Jazeera, among many more.

Luke’s work with WeAreChange has covered a broad spectrum from police brutality, human rights and protests to in depth interviews with many prominent political and influential figures. He is well known for his guerrilla style journalism and confronting prominent governing figures with questions that the public would not hear about through mainstream media. A small representation of his confrontations include Henry Kissinger, Ben Bernanke, Joe Biden, Mitt Romney, Lord Jacob Rothschild, Mayor Bloomberg, Larry Silverstein, and the Rockefeller Family

Luke has traveled around the world covering events, conducting interviews and live streaming protests. On Luke’s work the Village Voice stated, “Luke Rudkowski, whose live stream is one of the most reliable and engaging records of Occupy Wall Street actions.” As some politicians have deemed Luke’s journalism a threat, he has been banned from entering Canada and has been falsely arrested numerous times for questioning people such as Mayor Bloomberg. His reporting has often caused him to face the blunt of police brutality and Luke has been interrogated and harassed by police on many occasions. Police have gone as far as attempting to set up a fake bomb threat in order to refrain him from carrying out his activism.

Celebrity supporters of Luke and WeAreChange include: Rosario Dawson, Roseanne Barr, Rosie O’Donnell, Prodigy, KRS-1, Immortal Technique and Dylan Ratigan.
  • Hadrian999

    Tazers are weapons, not as deadly as a high caliber bullet but weapons none the less and need to be restricted to defensive roles for when a police officer is defending himself or another person from physical harm or when the escape of a suspect his a reasonable probability of leading to a person being harmed. sadly today police behave as if a tazer is a toy to be used whenever they don’t think someone has the proper attitude. A nonviolent petty criminal fleeing is not going to cause someone harm, physical force should not be used.

    The culture of law enforcement has gotten totally out of control. We now have an us vs. them attitude in the police that exists to dominate “civilians” and it’s
    getting worse.




  • Anarchy Pony

    Dead kid,
    Live Fascists,

    Fuck tha police.

    • Hadrian999

      the police aren’t the problem, not really. The problem is the multitudes that see nothing wrong with how they act. follow the story on the disinfo facebook page or cnn and you will see many people saying police are within their rights to assault anyone that disobeys them

  • Melissa Lyn

    reminds me of what happened near my town a couple of months ago and the cop got away with it too. http://www.phillyburbs.com/my_town/pennridge/questions-pain-linger-in-police-involved-shooting/article_9bea465e-8d6b-52a9-aea4-5effc0f44b26.html

  • Guest
  • ehmkec

    If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. If all you have is a rolled-up newspaper, everything looks like a puppy. If you are a cop, everyone looks like a…

  • Russell Scott Day

    These young people will never see their friend replaced. It makes me so sad to know how much different my life and things would be so much better if friends of mine hadn’t gone to jail, or gotten killed. We need to know how to stick together and protect each other. This Counter Culture Drug War has killed and mentally destroyed 1000s where in South Florida you know the cops feel that reward for every bust to even go to the place of murdering a defenseless young man is a joke. Those cops get a medal for that. All over the US they get medals for killing and stealing, and insulting the young and the poor.

  • http://hellaheaven-ana.blogspot.com Ana Luiza

    America is no longer a democracy said former president Jimmy Carter.
    I’m appalled by what is going on in America.
    This is surreal. Wake up Americans!