What if ‘They Live’ Was a Saturday Morning Cartoon?


Picture: Dan Barrett (C)

John Carpenter’s cult classic science fiction film ‘They Live’ has always been one of my favorites (Incidentally, if you haven’t read Jonathan Lethem’s book on the film then you should.), and now artist Dan Barrett has reinterpreted it as an eighties era Saturday morning cartoon, complete with production notes.

Via Deviant Art:

Recently (a few months ago) I was contacted by Rondal Scott III over at Strange Kids Club (www.strangekidsclub.com) to see if I would do a Saturday morning cartoon style line-up of a classic 80s movie for their magazine release. I chose They Live! I basically rethought the whole end of the movie, and wrote out small blurbs for my general concept, and biographies for each of the characters. Read them… if you dare!

General Concept- After blowing up the transmission station in LA, Nada and Frank take the fight to New York City. There they meet a young girl named Maya who has attempted to digitally subvert the alien invasion. Her hacking efforts can only go so far so she enlists the demolition talents of Nada and Frank.

Nada– For the Nada I wanted to stick with his classic clothing. After all, he never changed clothes through the entire movie. His clothes are a part of him. Those nightmarish jeans already appeared to be sneaking into his body cavity from the bottom. To make the design look more like an 80s cartoon I also added a power gauge and bright laser blasts to the gun. By 80s cartoon logic it was permissible to burn a hole through a baddy with a laser gun, but not with bullets. Funny.

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