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16 Human Skulls Found On Streets Of Prague

16 skulls

Via Fox News, it’s skull season:

Police in Prague say 15 human skulls have been found in a wooden box found on a street, and another was found in a garbage bin.

Spokeswoman Jana Roesslerova says police found the 15 skulls Thursday morning near a garbage container after they were alerted by a telephone caller. Roesslerova says each skull was numbered. She says another skull, also bearing a number, was found in a garbage bin Wednesday by a homeless person.

Police say it is not clear whether the two cases are connected. They have asked experts to help in their investigation.

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Are You Down With The Bomb?

Atomic-BombLast week, I wrote about going out there, feeling that fire, and making things better for yourself and your communities. While that message seems obvious and even elementary, I feel we all could use a vital reminder at this precarious moment. Very simple, yet profound realizations hit us like a Mac truck sometimes. These realizations stop us in our tracks for a moment, take our breath away and clear our heads of doubt. For a single, blistering moment, the world and the way out and through are laid bare. That is some terrifying shit, but it can change you so much, and for the better. Our entire global community stands at an important precipice right now. Do we as humanity act in the old prescribed behavior of shoot first, blow it up later? Or do we get off our asses, make some noise, stand in some streets and begin to precipitate real change?… Read the rest

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