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DisinfoCast: 74: Scott Peters on Safe Football and Concussions: Can You Minimize the Risk?

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Former NFL player Scott Peters consults with college and pro football organizations as part of an effort to reduce concussions in the sport. As part of his program, Peters teachers players to avoid leading with their heads and incorporate techniques he’s developed from cross-training in mixed martial arts.

(Disclaimer: Full-contact sports are dangerous. Injuries – including concussions – can and do happen in football and other full-contact sports. There is no way to completely eliminate the risk of injury, including concussions, and participants should decide for themselves whether or not to assume this risk by participating in these activities. All such decisions should be made in connection with the advice and approval of a medical provider. Neither the hose of this podcast, nor the Disinformation Company or its parent companies or owners should be construed as either offering medical or legal advice through this podcast, or advocating any methods, practices or programs discussed herein.)

Scott Peters:


Information on concussions:

Recent NY Times article on children, concussions and football.Read the rest

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What Happens When Soldiers Get Attached to Their Robots?

leiaThere’s an interesting article at Medical News Today about the phenomenon of soldiers become emotionally attached to the robots they use in combat.

Via Medical News Today:

It’s becoming more common to have robots sub in for humans to do dirty or sometimes dangerous work. But researchers are finding that in some cases, people have started to treat robots like pets, friends, or even as an extension of themselves. That raises the question, if a soldier attaches human or animal-like characteristics to a field robot, can it affect how they use the robot? What if they “care” too much about the robot to send it into a dangerous situation?

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Is Hurricane Katrina Responsible for Brain-Eating Amoeba in Louisana’s Water Supply?

Picture: National Geographic (C)

Picture: National Geographic (C)

Almost a decade later, and we’re still seeing the impact of Hurricane Katrina. File this one under “Nightmare Fuel.” (By the way, the amoeba really does look like a scary clown face. Here’s where I found the image.)

Via National Geographic.

The deadly brain-eating amoeba that recently killed a four-year-old Louisiana boy may be linked to unsafe water conditions created by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, experts say.

The boy, Drake Smith Jr., died from a rare but deadly swelling of the brain caused by Naegleria fowleri, a species of single-celled organism known as an amoeba.

The child was playing on a backyard Slip ‘n Slide in St. Bernard Parish, near New Orleans, and was apparently infected by amoebae present in the water in early August. About two days later, he was dead.

For N. fowleri to gain access to the brain, it must go up a person’s nose and climb the olfactory nerve.

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The Time An Alien Cult Hacked the BBC

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Totally not Legolas.

The Kernel recalls a particularly strange episode in British broadcasting history: An evening when an “alien” named “Vrillon” took over the airwaves:

Via The Kernel:

As Andrew Gardner read out news of the conflict in Rhodesia, a hissing, shuffling sound drowned out his voice. Suddenly, a booming voice addressed the startled viewers, as the screen still showed the oblivious newsreader reading through the day’s headlines.

This is the voice of Vrillon, a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command, speaking to you.

It was now ten past five in the evening. With the news report still continuing on the screen, the deep, oscillating voice continued with his message.

For many years you have seen us as lights in the skies.

None of the evening staff at Southern Television were aware of the intrusion to their signal. International Broadcasting Authority engineers in Croydon, Surrey did not hear the rogue signal, nor was it detected at the main transmitter site in Southampton.

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Why Are ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Throwing Up A Smoke Screen Around Shooting Tragedies?

twitter navy yardAlmost immediately after any mass murder in the United States a group of “conspiracy theorists” (for lack of a better term) will claim that the event was a “false flag” atrocity perpetrated by our own government. We published an essay on the topic entitled “Questioning the Conspiracy: The Aurora Shootings” in the wake of the Aurora, CO, movie theater murders, and we’re wondering once more what is the purpose of the smoke screen the “conspiracy theorists” are throwing up around tragic events like the Washington Navy Yard shootings this week.

Wired’s Danger Room summarizes some of the noise already emanating from the depths of Alex Jones’s belly and elsewhere:

Washington Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis had been receiving mental health treatment, had anger management issues, and told Rhode Island police that he had been hearing voices and was being harassed through microwave mind control. Most people who heard that needed no further explanation for Monday’s tragic events.

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Secretary of Defense Gets a New Fax Machine

Old-Fax-MachineLooks like we won’t need that Kickstarter to buy the Office of the Secretary of Defense a new fax machine. The department was able to scrounge up the cash for the device following a torrent of Tweets and emails suggesting that the public crowd-fund a new one.

Via MuckRock:

…MuckRock is happy to announce that OSD has managed to find a fax machine, without even a single cent of crowdfunding (save the millions it receives in taxpayer funds each year). While the office remains impervious to emailed FOIA requests, we the people now have the option of faxing our FOIAs to OSD once again, as an alternative to submitting requests by mail or the rather clunky (in our experience) online portal.

Let the FOIA faxing begin! I suggest that you inquire about their toner supply.

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