Alchemical Traditions: An interview with Dr. Aaron Cheak


I’ve known Dr. Cheak for a while now. I’ve never met anyone with such a broad understanding of alchemy, magic, or religious studies in general. He’s truly a gem of the modern scholarly crowd. His new book is fast establishing him as one of the foremost authorities in the world on alchemy. I had the chance to interview him at my home in Los Angeles over a bottle of wine. Awesome conversation ensued.

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  • kblarg

    The amount that he compulsively wiped his hair was irritating. I expected prettier cadence from a gem of the modern scholarly crowd.

    • Gabriel D. Roberts

      …Says the guy with an anonymous photo! Hopefully you can look past the hair touching to listen to what’s being said. Cheers!

      • Tommy Decentralized

        OMG did we start a Meme?

    • Jim Bruce

      Alchemically I would expect that you have a personal habit that is inversely opposed to Cheats. Or you may have a similar habit that you detest in yourself are projecting that onto our speaker. You find it repulsive as it is an antithesis to something that you hold dear. As you can let what you “love” go you can also let go of what you “hate.” Hate hardens you. Love softens you. Either extreme is dangerous. Taojonz!

  • A.Strezova

    It was nice to hear you talk, Aaron. I am very happy to hear that your book is out. You are definitely a person with a vast amount of knowledge on the subject, and surely not afraid to think outside the spectrum. Congratulations! I am definitely ordering a copy. I hope that that vine is home-made!

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