Australia’s Television Networks Ban Ad Criticizing Rupert Murdoch

Some things just can’t be said on TV. The Age writes:

Australia’s commercial TV networks have banned an advertisement that criticises the anti-Labor coverage of Rupert Murdoch’s newspapers.

Channels Seven and Ten refused to air the ad commissioned by GetUp, while Nine screened it over four days in Brisbane – then cancelled it after blaming a “coding error”.

GetUp says it will report all three networks to the competition watchdog for alleged “misuse of market power”. The group has accused the broadcasters of censorship to avoid displeasing Murdoch and his company, News Corp. It intends to lodge a complaint with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, claiming the networks have breached rules by refusing to supply their services.

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  • rtb61

    Rupert Murdoch proof that psychopaths are a problem where ever they go and where ever their influence reaches.

  • DeepCough

    Obviously, this ad wasn’t very “fair and balanced.”

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