Coincidence Control Network, Episode 51: Moorish Tech Hacks


This week: Get off Facebook and read a book you dumbdumb, Why tech isn’t the solution to surveillance – you are, Bradley Manning’s fate, Blood surveillance a good thing?, The Moorish Americans are awesome, and Kentucky Alien gunfighters.

PersonnelJoe Nolan, Joseph Matheny, and Ken Eakins


Tech Hacks won’t fix our Big Brother issues – Link

The New Age of Algorithms – Link

Bradley Manning sentencing imminent Link

Predictors of Suicidal behaviour found in blood – Link

Moorish American’s – Link

Kentucky alien gunfight anniversary Link


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  • David Crowe

    Anyone ever read The Religion War by Scott Adams? He’s the guy who made Dilbert. Therein is a program one of the characters creates called the Giver of Data (G-o-D). It was an agent that went in and infected the whole net and copied itself over and over and planted itself everywhere. Without going into too much detail, it essentially fixes all the security issues mentioned in this podcast. Among other things…

    • Joe Nolan

      Thanks for the link, David!

      • David Crowe

        de nada. 😀

  • emperorreagan

    I completely forgot about technoccult.

    • Joe Nolan

      Still good doings going on over there. Reboot!

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