How Cops Are Vetted For Aggression & Insensitivity | Interview with Capt. Ray Lewis


Abby Martin remarks on the second anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, highlighting a recent Reuters poll showing that only 15% of Americans are satisfied with the government’s effort to prosecute Wall Street bankers, and speaks with former Philadelphia police captain Ray Lewis about why he chose to protest in-uniform at Occupy.

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  • Juan

    Not the least bit surprising. They are mostly brutes, the asshole jocks from high school who didn’t go to college because they weren’t bright enough. So they get a gig where they can be a tough guy, beat the shit outta whomever they like (mostly blacks, Latinos and poor people) and essentially get away with murder and be seen as “heroes” by most of the mouth-breathing masses. Tragic:(

  • BuzzCoastin

    as long as most people buy into the idea that armed pigs keep US safe
    it doesn’t matter what they’re vetted for
    they’re still pigs who serve their baser instincts
    and their masters interests

    when has it ever in history been otherwise
    that power over others corrupts absolutely

  • HCE

    Is it just me, or does Ms. Martin seem to take her self a tad seriously?

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