Germany’s Feral “Forest Boy” Found Guilty As Fraud

forest boyThis is one way to start your life all over again. Via The Local:

The young man who became world famous as the “Forest Boy” when he claimed he had lived feral in German woods for five years – agreed to carry out 150 hours of community service on Thursday after admitting making it all up. Berlin authorities charged him with fraud after spending €30,000 looking after him before his identity and age were revealed.

“Ray” became a global story in September 2011 after turning up at Berlin’s city hall and asking for help. He told astounded officials he had been living in the woods for five years with his father, sleeping in huts and living off the land. He said he no longer knew who he was nor where he was from – and that after his father died in a fall.

“Ray” stuck to his story for months and even attracted the attention of one couple who said he was their long lost son. But he was actually 21-year-old Robin van Helsum from Hengelo in the Netherlands, who was bored with his internship at a telecom company and reportedly confused about the direction his life was taking.

This finally emerged 10 months later after people in Holland recognized a picture of him circulated by the German police.

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  1. meat puppet | Sep 28, 2013 at 2:14 pm |

    You will smile at the gates of Aushwitz and walk into the shower room.

  2. Hadrian999 | Sep 28, 2013 at 4:15 pm |

    how many times do scams like this have to be proven false before people stop falling for it

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