• salviad

    This was one of We Are Change’s best interviews. Almost brought a tear to my eyes. Thanks Luke. Peace.

  • Juan

    It’s good that this guy blew the the whistle, but you know, nothing happened. The criminals at HSBC are still doing the same shit. Besides a ridiculous fine, there were no consequences.
    Also, HSBC can’t be the only one doing this stuff. You just know this kinda shit is rampant.
    It is unfortunate that our world is run by criminal psychopaths.

    • Will Coles

      ‘Too big to jail’, so HSBC was fined an amount that was equivalent to a few months profits. When the fine is less than the profit you’ll make by breaking the law why follow the law? ‘Too big to jail’ is like ‘Too important to jail’, something so many politicians & CEOs could hide behind in the future, & with the media in your pocket you can achieve anything.

  • Ted Heistman

    This is why I try not to be too partisan. There are a lot of good people who believe in doing right from all walks of life.

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