Lee Camp: The Mind-Blowing Truth About War With Syria

  • sisterchef

    I wonder how he feels now that the rebels are admitting to doing the gassing. What a wrench that was. If you want to be a bit suspicious, you can always claim that US agitators made sure the rebels (who didn’t know what weapons they had or how to use them) made sure the rebels got hold of said weapons to use against the population. I’m pretty sure that’s not far from the truth…

  • HowardBrazee

    Content aside, I wonder whether Lee Camp’s style attracts more listeners or persuades more listeners to turn off his videos whenever we get to them on this forum. Style matters.

    • Juan

      Yep, it sure does.
      Nails on a chalkboard.

      • NoName

        Yep, I’m sure YOUR hundreds of youtube videos, YOUR comedy albums, YOUR book is much more aesthetically pleasing.

        What’s that? YOU don’t do any of that, YOU just criticize people who are producing a huge volume of work that speaks truth to power because you don’t like the way he’s saying it?
        Get back to me after you are interviewed on Fox news and call them propagandists to their faces.
        Whinging Cunts. People like you do more to drive away anyone with intelligence than Mr. Camp’s style ever could.

  • Juan

    Can some one just tell me what the dude said without me having to actually watch him? I know his heart is in the right place and I get that he’s sincere and means well, but fooook me, the man is off-putting to the max.

    • Daniel Gill

      the invasion of 7 countries.. iran, iraq, syria, lebanon, sudan, libya, and one other one, were planned a long time ago

      • Juan

        Thanks. This is news?

  • atom gray

    honestly…even a text summary would be helpful, i don’t have time to filter through ‘mind-blowing’ videos.

  • Charlie Primero

    This is a better Lee Camp video. More cognizant. More factual.

  • portis

    i’ll sum it up for you lazy fuckers by paraphrasing a funny analogy he made: it’s like someone says they are becoming a lifeguard to save people, but then they spend all their time on the beach giving mouth-to-mouth exclusively to hot chicks, meanwhile tons of fat hairy dudes are drowning in the ocean