Psychetruth Interviews Psychiatrist About MKUltra


Midnight Climax: LSD, CIA Mind Control, MK Ultra – Dr. Colin Ross & Corrina Rachel

Psychetruth News Correspondent interviews psychiatrist Dr. Colin Ross about the CIA mind control experiments called MKUltra. These were a series of projects covertly used on the American public which included hypnosis, LSD & other drugs, brain implants, electric shock and other pieces of psychology and psychiatry in an attempt to control people and even make Manchurian Candidate style assassins.

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  1. Ted Heistman | Sep 4, 2013 at 5:02 pm |

    OK. so how does it work? How does taking LSD turn you into a mind controlled slave? I am sure the CIA must have known exactly what they were doing, having omniscient powers and all.

    • Brave New World | Sep 4, 2013 at 6:49 pm |

      You don’t need to have omniscient powers to do science or psychiatry. They were following an experimental method.

      Step 1: Erase memory in the mind. This was done through electroshock, LSD, and forced sleep for months at a time. After being being scrambled by LSD and electroshock, and put to asleep for so long, peoples’ memories and personality were successfully erased. Patients in Canadian experiments said they had to literally learn everything from the beginning, including the most basic things like how to interpret human facial expressions.

      Step 2: Implant new memories, thoughts, feelings, and potential emotional reactions, into your empty vessel. This is more difficult, but can be accomplished mainly through force of repetition of information and ideas, like people can learn to stop smoking through hypnosis.

      That is basically how it works, and it’s not even that complicated of a process. I’m sure they have much better tech for it now than they did then.

      • ugh forget what i just said.

      • Ted Heistman | Sep 5, 2013 at 5:11 am |

        OK, so this was done to every hippy that ever took LSD at a Greatfull Dead Concert?

        • Calypso_1 | Sep 5, 2013 at 5:16 am |

          I’m sure “Me & My Uncle” Turned a Few into Murderous Cowboy Robb’n Outlaws.

      • Sergio Poalsky | Sep 5, 2013 at 6:14 am |

        You are stating this as if you know it is possible? K so removal of memories, ll suspend my disbelief that they can make an empty vessel. But implanting memories and making them do whatever you want? Is this possible at all!?

    • Calypso_1 | Sep 4, 2013 at 8:37 pm |

      I believe it involves the encoding of thought forms into Top-40 hits via self-stimulating radio engineers & the carefully synchronized astrological sacrifice of dogs by elite CIA occult teams.

    • Trying to find out how it works, or whether it works at all, is the point of the experiments. They don’t start out as masters of mind control because they read a secret, ancient text. LSD was something they were trying, to find out just what it did do. It’s trial-and-error stuff. I would suppose that the ones that are effective, unlike just dumping acid into prisoners, are the ones we haven’t heard of, but I’m just s’posing.

  2. BuzzCoastin | Sep 4, 2013 at 7:17 pm |

    MKUltra was abandoned because
    they discovered TV (the technology not the content)
    was more psychically destabilizing than LSD
    and people would trip on it for hours a day
    unlike LSD
    which was relegated to the margins
    whereas TV is mainlined mainstream

  3. Ted Heistman | Sep 5, 2013 at 11:34 am |

    Did it srike anyone else they she is a bit under-dressed to be talking about mind controlled sex slaves with some Dude on a leather couch?

  4. Ted Heistman | Sep 6, 2013 at 6:39 am |

    For some reason I can’t reply to Camron so I am posting here:

    “But without the CIA, there would have been no counter culture, according
    to Jan Irvin. So why did the CIA create deadheads if not for all of
    them to be mind control slaves? And if simply giving people LSD didn’t
    accomplish that end then what was the purpose?

    Like for example I am a fan of R. Crumb. He was a self taught “underground” cartoonist in the 1970s. He is a huge countercultural icon. I thought because he was
    self taught and published his early work himself basically with xerox
    machines, that he was a creative self made person, who became famous
    because he was so talented that his work caught on through word of
    mouth. But now that I have read Jan Irvin’s articles, I know that the
    counter culture wasn’t a massive phenomenon created by the contributions
    of hundreds of thousands, even millions of people, on the contrary, the
    CIA dreamed up the whole thing and tightly orchestrated it down to the
    last detail. So in light of this, I thought that, obviously, when Crumb
    took LSD and became a hippy, he instantly became a mind controlled
    slave. and that all of his art from then on was not his but was dictated
    to him by the CIA. Boy those G-men can draw!

    I am trying to suspend disbelief in order for Jan Irvin to make sense. What am I doing wrong? help me out here.

    • gustave courbet | Sep 6, 2013 at 7:40 pm |

      I also had that problem with Irvin’s dot connection. While I trust the accuracy of the connections he cites, I see a complex social fluidity occurring in which CIA scheming and pseudo-scientific programs existed along side of this counter-cultural flowering. The CIA used front groups to promote jazz and abstract expressionist painters in Europe during the cold war, but that doesn’t mean Jackson Pollock was a spook.

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