RT On The U.S. and Its Chemical Weapons Story

  • emperorreagan

    The United States is typically #1 in arms exports and crushes the rest of the world in internal military spending.

    Any talk of peace or condemnation of other countries is a load of shit.

    • Juan


    • jasonpaulhayes

      Russia also has no place to talk of peace or condemn other countries.

      • emperorreagan

        Really, it’s the permanent members UN Security Council.

        They are all in the top 10 for both arms exports and internal military spending every year. The UK/France/China occasional fall out of the top 5 of arms exporters (the Germans are big exporters, too). And the UN security council is typically the top 5 in internal military spending.

        If those 5 could just settle down, the world would probably be a much calmer place.

        • jasonpaulhayes

          Fox News just had a picture of a shirtless Putin with a Machine Gun next to a picture of Obama riding a Bicycle with the question “who would you rather have as president?”… who do you think Fox News chose?

          You can’t reason with these types of people, they are all extremely dangerous.

  • Len

    Maybe we can clean up our reputation by stopping the rhetoric of do as I say not as I do.

  • rtb61

    So US taxpayers paid the US military industrial complex billions for the chemical weapons and then paid billions to the US military industrial complex to get rid of those chemical weapons, SUCKERS!!!