Secretary of Defense Gets a New Fax Machine

Old-Fax-MachineLooks like we won’t need that Kickstarter to buy the Office of the Secretary of Defense a new fax machine. The department was able to scrounge up the cash for the device following a torrent of Tweets and emails suggesting that the public crowd-fund a new one.

Via MuckRock:

…MuckRock is happy to announce that OSD has managed to find a fax machine, without even a single cent of crowdfunding (save the millions it receives in taxpayer funds each year). While the office remains impervious to emailed FOIA requests, we the people now have the option of faxing our FOIAs to OSD once again, as an alternative to submitting requests by mail or the rather clunky (in our experience) online portal.

Let the FOIA faxing begin! I suggest that you inquire about their toner supply.

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  1. You can’t do a Kickstarter anyway due to a specific federal law: The Anti-deficiency Act.

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