Sir David Attenborough: The Yeti Might Be Real

yeti1971Sir David can’t seem to stay out of the news lately. Maybe a nice trip to the Himalayas is in order.

Via Radio Times:

David Attenborough believes that the Yeti – or Abominable Snowman – may be real.

The world-renowned naturalist and broadcaster says he thinks the creature of Himalayan legend – which has a North American cousin known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch – could be much more than a myth.

“I believe the Abominable Snowman may be real. I think there may be something in that,” said Attenborough, speaking today at a showcase of upcoming programmes on UKTV.

“There are footprints that stretch for hundreds of miles and we know that in the 1930’s a German fossil was found with these huge molars that were four or five times the size of human molars.

“They had to be the molars of a large ape, one that was huge, about 10 or 12 feet tall. It was immense. And it is not impossible that it might exist. If you have walked the Himalayas there are these immense rhododrendron forests that go on for hundreds of square miles which could hold the Yeti.”

Hat tip to our friends at Unexplained Mysteries, a fine site that you should bookmark for all sorts of weirdness.

  • Anarchy Pony

    I want to believe!

    • jasonpaulhayes

      I thought that article was something entirely different. I read the title as “Sir David Attenborough The Yeti, Might Be Real”.

      • Matt Staggs

        I kind of imagine the guy just going, “Yeah, fuck it. The yeti’s real. So is the Loch Ness Monster. I’m almost 90, what are you gonna do?”

        • jasonpaulhayes

          In all due respect, he has a great body of work and for the strange (almost magical) aspects of it all, hes a God amongst men.

  • DeepCough

    “Next time, on BBC Horizon: Sir David Attenborough investigates the wily and
    elusive ‘Chupacabra’ of Central America.”

  • Ted Heistman

    Apparently the Government of Nepal thinks they are real too!

  • BuzzCoastin

    Sir David Addlebrained again eye see

  • sonicbphuct

    Mommy, can you check the Rhododendron bush? I think I saw a Yeti.

  • Charlie Primero

    This “Yeti” sounds about as plausible as those giant catfish that supposedly hunt birds, and giant man-eating squids.

  • GregForest

    The truth of yetis revealed at