Televangelist Cindy Jacobs Claims to Have Healed Broken Cheekbones and Tumors

I’m starting to think that “Cindy Jacobs” is someone’s art project. I refuse to believe that this level of delicious ignorance doesn’t come without a catch.

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  1. It’s Andy Kaufman, alive and well… And in drag.

  2. Isn’t it time for Jesus!

    As dumb as she sounds what is really plumbing the depths of ignorance is that lots and lots of people are sending her money.

    I thought I would check and see what our most infamous televangelist couple have been up to. Remember Jim Bakker? He came back.

    “… you don’t have to believe me.”

    …and his wife, the now late Tammy Fay?

    But I can’t forget my favorite, Robert Tilton.

    But let’s here what our friend Bob has to say;

    It reminds me of Bogart ranting about strawberries in the Caine Mutiny.

    and part 2

    Back to you Matt…

  3. jimpliciter | Sep 17, 2013 at 6:30 pm |

    It’s interesting to see what the reification of religious beliefs culminate in: some old bag waffling about something or other. The woman clearly abounds in agency!

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