Terence McKenna – Television is a Drug

Mckenna1The dearly departed Terrance McKenna working for THEY again? With his deeply disruptive message warning against the opioid like affects of television.

I feel the internet should be added into the equation as well.

  • Charlie Primero

    Without a doubt, he was an expert on the use of drugs for mind control.

  • Haystack

    The Internet is far more drug-like. It’s like being a rat in a Skinner box–each click gives you just enough reward to carry you onto the next one. You’re not really having fun looking at lolcats for an hour, but if you’ll have more fun for the next 5 seconds if you just click once more than if you stop and think about other ways to spend your time.

    • Juan

      And here we are . . .

    • Monkey See Monkey Do

      The internet can be an addictive depressive/stimulant. But it can also be a psychedelic if used correctly.

    • Breshvic

      And so I clicked on that.