The Financial Crisis is Not Over, The Worst is Yet to Come

In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews Turd Ferguson of TF Metals Report about the future economic outlook and what people should do to prepare themselves.

Via WeAreChange


Luke Rudkowski is an independent journalist, activist, live streamer and founder of

Luke began his activism at the age of 17 when he was wrongfully accosted and assaulted by the NYPD. In 2006, at the age of 20, Luke founded the independent and grassroots media organization, WeAreChange. Through this organization and the use of social media, he has aimed to inspire those who no longer feel they can trust the mainstream media to become the media themselves. As support for WeAreChange grew, many followers became active themselves and WeAreChange has grown into a global organization with 160 independent chapters around the world.

Through Luke’s activism and journalism he has been able effect legislation and also influence dialog on a national level on important issues such as extrajudicial assassinations. Along with being featured in multiple documentaries, his work has been highlighted in numerous major news publications including CNN, MSNBC, BBC, The London Guardian, FOX, Huffington Post, Rolling Stone, RT, Al Jazeera, among many more.

Luke’s work with WeAreChange has covered a broad spectrum from police brutality, human rights and protests to in depth interviews with many prominent political and influential figures. He is well known for his guerrilla style journalism and confronting prominent governing figures with questions that the public would not hear about through mainstream media. A small representation of his confrontations include Henry Kissinger, Ben Bernanke, Joe Biden, Mitt Romney, Lord Jacob Rothschild, Mayor Bloomberg, Larry Silverstein, and the Rockefeller Family

Luke has traveled around the world covering events, conducting interviews and live streaming protests. On Luke’s work the Village Voice stated, “Luke Rudkowski, whose live stream is one of the most reliable and engaging records of Occupy Wall Street actions.” As some politicians have deemed Luke’s journalism a threat, he has been banned from entering Canada and has been falsely arrested numerous times for questioning people such as Mayor Bloomberg. His reporting has often caused him to face the blunt of police brutality and Luke has been interrogated and harassed by police on many occasions. Police have gone as far as attempting to set up a fake bomb threat in order to refrain him from carrying out his activism.

Celebrity supporters of Luke and WeAreChange include: Rosario Dawson, Roseanne Barr, Rosie O’Donnell, Prodigy, KRS-1, Immortal Technique and Dylan Ratigan.
  • emperorreagan

    Hoard precious metals? Hoard dollars? Hordak?

  • saint_al

    Thanx for yr input, “Spot”.

  • Dingbert

    Yes, “Turd Ferguson” certainly seems like a reliable source for financial projections . . .

  • A Comment

    LOL there is no way this guy’s name is turd!!

  • jasonpaulhayes

    We have a Turd in the Punchbowl… repeat, Turn in the Punchbowl !

  • Charlie Primero

    The July 2011 GAO report on the Federal Reserve lists the largest welfare queens. On page 131 they list the amounts dished out during the banking crisis:

    Citigroup – $2.513 trillion
    Morgan Stanley – $2.041 trillion
    Merrill Lynch – $1.949 trillion
    Bank of America – $1.344 trillion
    Barclays PLC – $868 billion
    Bear Sterns – $853 billion
    Goldman Sachs – $814 billion
    Royal Bank of Scotland – $541 billion
    JP Morgan Chase – $391 billion
    Deutsche Bank – $354 billion
    UBS – $287 billion
    Credit Suisse – $262 billion
    Lehman Brothers – $183 billion
    Bank of Scotland – $181 billion
    BNP Paribas – $175 billion
    Wells Fargo – $159 billion
    Dexia – $159 billion
    Wachovia – $142 billion
    Dresdner Bank – $135 billion
    Societe Generale – $124 billion
    “All Other Borrowers” – $2.639 trillion

    Meanwhile back in Springfield protests occur because some black kid got shot in Florida, or to make Kony famous.

  • Ted Heistman

    This is why everyone needs to switch to a “green” bootleg economy. Raise Backyard chickens and veggies, barter services and your fresh eggs. Barter guitar lessons for raw milk, stuff like that. Stockpiling guns and gold is the wrong approach. Things don’t have to go down like they did in the Balkans.

    • emperorreagan

      I think this is really important.

      I was watching an interesting documentary a few nights ago where they made the point that in the past, as civilizations fell, there were always other ways of living and different civilizations. Right now, though, there’s a worldwide political monoculture in many ways, so there’s a lack of resiliency built into the system.

      It’s up to individuals and small groups to rebuild that resiliency.

      • Ted Heistman

        Yeah, “resiliency” is a good word. Some people are already resilient. They are self employed with several streams of income and have diverse skills. I am trying to be like that myself.