The Irrationality of Islamophobia | Interview with Deepa Kumar

Abby Martin talks to Deepa Kumar, Rutgers University professor and author of ‘Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire’ about the historical context of Islamophobia and how it is used as a tool to perpetuate the War on Terror.

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Abby Martin

Abby Martin

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Abby Martin

4 Comments on "The Irrationality of Islamophobia | Interview with Deepa Kumar"

  1. All religions are kind of scary.

    • Hocketeer | Sep 12, 2013 at 3:29 am |

      No wonder, primarily using fear to scare the crap out of those who need to be controlled & polarized. Lots of s&m going on there.

      The irrationality of Deophobia. Smells fishy…

  2. jasonpaulhayes | Sep 12, 2013 at 8:44 am |

    Pre-9/11 the DOJ distributed sensitive cultural briefing videos to law enforcement ( link below), there is a whole series of these videos covering Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism etc. Post-9/11, as she mentioned, many Islamophobia videos were shown to law enforcement, including The 3rd Jihad but what she fails to mention is that the briefing videos also included videos about Christian Militants. I can agree with what she is saying about conservatives but I don’t agree that “Liberal Islamophobia” really exists. If it does to any degree it’s certainly Christian liberals (which there are an increasing number of) and completely depends upon holding in mind the Left/Right paradigm, which I don’t. I take the position that; if you are a proponent of any religion, you immediately identify yourself as irrational.

  3. Rus Archer | Sep 12, 2013 at 11:01 am |

    tell it to ayaan hirsi ali

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