What will make or break the United States of America is the truth about 9/11: Investigate the theories behind the conspiracies

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What will make or break the United States of America is the truth about 9/11, not its monetary policy, fiscal irresponsibility, lack of transparency, crony capitalistic economy, its inability to protect its citizenry, or even its brutal foreign policy. The truth about what transpired on 11 September 2001 will decide the fate of the United States of America. Everything else is secondary.

I. Truth and Lies of 9/11

On 9/11 the world changed. Not because the attacks on the United States were unique, since there have been many documented cases of false flag operations throughout history. The world changed because we forfeited the freedom of generations to come to obtain a delusional sense of security from an institution, an institution that has begun multiple wars of aggression, incurring trillions of dollars of debt and causing hundreds of thousands of deaths in the process.

This same institution was then allowed to investigate itself for its inability to protect its citizens from an attack that has been the catalyst for a tremendous amount of misery across the globe.

This investigation, which cost only a fraction of what some of the most insignificant government investigations have previously cost, resulted in a report that did not even conclusively link Osama Bin Laden to the terror attacks, let alone answer the questions posed by the families of its victims. So why was such an inadequate document as the 9/11 Commission Report ever produced?

The reason that corporations like the United States of America even bother to release “official” documents so full of holes that you could fly a plane through them, is because by doing so every branch of government must regurgitate this “official” story. This means that our schools become indoctrination centers established for the proliferation of war. The 9/11 Commission was established, and its report published, to protect those in power and to maintain the status quo:

“Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani joined Sept. 11 family members and college professors on Tuesday [2009] at a hotel blocks from the World Trade Center site to unveil a plan to teach middle and high school students about the 2001 terrorist attacks.

“The 9/11 curriculum, believed to be the first comprehensive educational plan focusing on the attacks, is expected to be tested this year at schools in New York City, California, New Jersey, Alabama, Indiana, Illinois and Kansas….

“The curriculum is taught through videos, lessons and interactive exercises, including one that requires students to use Google Earth software to map global terrorist activity. One of the main goals is to help students entering middle and high school, who may been too young to have strong memories of the attacks, to develop a tangible connection to what happened.”

Giuliani pushing 9/11 re-education course for public schools

The truth about 9/11 is the elephant in the room, and it’s not going away any time soon.

The “official” story that the US government has been peddling has completely fallen apart, and the reality that there is something very wrong with the so-called “War on Terror” is beginning to destabilize the United States. Americans are beginning to accept the fact that there is a lot more to 9/11 than their government will admit, and they are looking for answers.

9/11 Truth vs Mainstream Media

The following two videos by James Corbett of The Corbett Report are an excellent summary of some of the questions regarding 9/11. The first video is a short introduction to the topic while the second video is a full episode meant to engage the 9/11 community and continued our dialogue on how we can begin a real investigation into what transpired on that day:

“As we approach the 12th anniversary of 9/11, it is time for 9/11 truth to mature as a movement before it stagnates into insignificance. Either the movement will live up to its potential by naming names and identifying suspects in the crime, or it will become another JFK assassination investigation, doomed to spend half a century fighting pointless territorial battles while the real perpetrators walk free. Join us for this 9/11 anniversary edition of The Corbett Report as we ask the question and demand an answer: Who was really behind the attacks?”

9/11 Truth and the Way Forward: Starting a Real Criminal Investigation

Episode 280 – Who Was Really Behind the 9/11 Attacks?

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  1. I dunno about you guys, but to me the “official narrative” was never been anything but bad whitewash, propaganda. Which of course begs the question wtf really happened beyond the obvious that two planes collided with the towers? So we’re left more or less on our own to figure out the who, why and how.

    • kowalityjesus | Sep 11, 2013 at 12:04 pm |

      And its fairly evident that the orchestraters knew that before too long it would really fucking obvious that foul play is at hand. Are they depending on our ongoing complacency and denial that heavily? Its really strange to think about all the people that knew about this before/during/after and didn’t say a damn word. I asked someone close to Bush admin about govt involvement/complacency in light of 911’s shameless use to perpetrate cursory wars in Islamic world. He said “I would know too many people that would turn a 180 on their morals and values.” I don’t get it.

      • DrDavidKelly | Sep 11, 2013 at 11:39 pm |

        Yeah thats one bit that screws with my head – if they were complicit how’d they keep it secret? My thinking is it was orchestrated by a select few. Still if you put explosives in the towers – that would involve a lot of guys and a lot of leaks. Another amazing thing is how obvious it does appear to be a set up and yet so far the official narrative is still accepted by the majority of people. Could you imagine the fall out if it was conclusively proven to be orchestrated by the US government? Or again are we all too numb and people would just shrug it off as a necessary evil of our crazy modern times? I wonder.

        • I think the assassination of JFK set a precedent. Most people I talk to know that it wasn’t a lone gunman and that others were involved, especially branches of US government, but it stops there. No one is interested in starting an investigation of what took place nor finding the perpetrators.

          • kowalityjesus | Sep 12, 2013 at 11:53 am |

            This is quite a big fat one-up on a simple assassination, but it is in the same vein.

          • DrDavidKelly | Sep 12, 2013 at 4:54 pm |

            Indeed. I went mad on the whole 9/11 conspiracy about 2 years ago – I even bought a book on it. Now though, revisiting it, it seems the evidence has mounted to the point of being incontrovertible. With the who’s who now fully in the picture one can safely say that yes the towers were bought down by a controlled explosion. The implication of this is quite staggering. THE US GOVERNMENT MURDERED 3000+ OF ITS OWN PEOPLE.

  2. BuzzCoastin | Sep 11, 2013 at 12:23 pm |

    Uncle Homeland is in a no-win situation with 911
    if the official story is true
    the largest spy/military orgz in the whirled was punked by amateurs

    if the official story is false
    they were complicit at some or all levels of the attack

    the 911 Truth thing helped obscure their maleficence, incompetence and
    dereliction of duty
    and no one responsible for security received a reprimand
    let alone the requisite punishment due
    that’s the true Truth about 911
    the government spent billions of intelligence
    and got caught napping on the watch
    and no heads rolled

  3. I still like this compromise: http://xkcd.com/690/

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