Y’all Comin’ to the 9/11 Festival?

911funI saw this flyer on the way to jiu-jitsu class and had to share. Something about a 9/11 memorial event offering food, door prizes and a fun run turns my stomach, but apparently I’m in the minority here in the Deep South. A local athletic shoe company and church is sponsoring the event, along with the local utility company and fire department.

“Bring the whole family for a fun-filled day!”


PS: Be sure to get your tickets for the Pearl Harbor Ice Cream Social and Sack Race.

  • Liam_McGonagle


    Just wanted to get that out of the way early.

    Of course it really is a party. How else could you keep folks all enthusiastic like for war if you didn’t constantly make yourself feel embattled?

    They’ve developed it ino something resembling an art form in the n. of I.

  • Hadrian999

    I generally avoid going anywhere on 9-11, i just don’t feel like dealing with it

  • urza9814

    At first I was kinda disgusted…but really, if I died I’d rather be remembered with a fuckin’ rager of a party than by a bunch of motherfuckers sitting around crying…so if it’s ONLY to commemorate the lives lost that seems fine. Don’t mourn the dead; celebrate your own life.

    Now if it was an Iraq War event or something, that’d be a little different…

  • Alan Robeson

    Memorial day has basically been an excuse to get off work, drink beer all day, BBQ and go to the beach. To be honest, I’m not totally comfortable with it either, but the idea of celebrating life in the face of a world which is trying to kill us is actually somewhat refreshing.

  • The Well Dressed Man

    Hasn’t it been branded “Patriot’s Day” in the red states? I’ve been in blue territory for so long I don’t have a clue on this.

  • InfvoCuernos

    Only if there’s a buffalo jerky booth!

  • Haystack

    Right wingers spend most of their time fantasizing about acts of war/tyranny that will give them an excuse to bring their guns out, so it’s not surprising that they have such warm associations with 9/11.

  • echar

    Can I shoot guns while driving an atv?

    • Calypso_1

      That’s standard fare in the stix. Everyday is Patriot day. Make sure you have a Confederate Battle Flag. A Coon Hunting decal (tattoo even better) helps too.

  • DeepCough

    Most people aren’t wont to mourn–and that’s why funerary services sometimes have buffets.

    • Cortacespedes

      Thus began the tradition of “funeral potatoes”. Where every death is a future potluck.

  • Russ

    Memorial day was a solemn day to commemorate those killed in the Civil War; now it exists for blow-out sales and picnics. This one just got tasteless quicker… and I’m not sure “tasteless” is a useful category in America today.

  • kowalityjesus

    $5 says its funded by Soros

    • Calypso_1

      Soros takes your $5 gives a nickle to the Arab American Institute Foundation, a dime to The SPLC & refers you to his Legal Battalion .

  • IrishPotatoGun

    I’d go but will probably get kicked out for speaking out about who was really behind it and why.

  • mole_face

    Add an energy drink endorsement and a performance by Papa Roach, and I’m IN!

  • Guest

    I’m generally insulted by all 9/11 sentimentalism from unaffected people, but some kind of food-fest seems appropriate on a personal level.
    My pop was in the Pentagon that day. His office and coworkers were in the destroyed wedge. Where was he? Grabbing breakfast in the cafeteria. We only knew he was alive when we saw him on TV, stumbling zombie-like across the parking lot. Apparently, the bus wasn’t coming, so he was on his way to a bar to call for a ride . . . and to get a burger.