3,000 Outraged Truckers Plan To Shutdown Washington, D.C.

3,000 truckers plan to descend on Washington, D.C. four days from now, to protest the NDAA’s indefinite detention without trial provision (signed into law by President Obama) as well as to raise awareness for what they perceive as continued Obama administration support for radical Islamic factions in Egypt and Syria.

Despite the limited broadcast media coverage of the truckers’ plan, it could effectively shut down the entire city’s vehicle traffic.


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  • Joljc Fuuuete

    yeah, uh huh.

  • http://voxmagi-necessarywords.blogspot.com/ VoxMagi

    If at the end of the day this results in 3000 less AM radio fans walking the streets…it will have been a victory for the entire human race :-)

    • southernwoman1960

      You are utterly disgusting.

      • Andrew

        The feeling’s mutual.

      • http://voxmagi-necessarywords.blogspot.com/ VoxMagi

        And yet, on my worst day…I still can’t match the repulsive nature of inbred cretins who suckle at the teat of pop media and puke back out pseudo-factoids handwritten by corporate sponsors for the herd of morons who worship whatever fake narrative is handed to them.

        This nation needs to be saved…from the idiots that imagine Obama is a Muslim, from the nimrods who think prayer is a substitute for measurable data and hard work, from the boneheads that think the GOP didn’t plan the shutdown for half a year and that Obama mystically made this happen in the last minute. I may hate the dems and oppose the Affordable Care Act, but I consider them clever evil crooks…which is still slightly more worthy of respect than the stupid evil crooks that make up the fright-wing.

        (Feel free to look up the chatter from Freedomworks.orgs own webpages in february…they discussed and applauded the idea of a govt shutdown as a tactical bypass. At no time did the GOP bargain in good faith…the shutdown was their endgame, and now they have it but don’t want the credit.)

        • ishmael2009

          You’re a disgusting elitist and snob. Shouldn’t you be braying this type of thing on the comment pages of Vanity Fair instead?

          Instead of making snide putdowns of the working class as morons who believe everything they see on TV, you could welcome the fact that people at last getting involved. But tellingly you go for the angle that they’re not as “worthy” of your respect because apparently they’re dumb. And you’re real smart. And you care about people. Cretin.

          • http://voxmagi-necessarywords.blogspot.com/ VoxMagi

            And yet, amazingly, somehow despite my rampant snobbery and elitism I still manage to have more empathy and concern for those ‘working class folks’ (nice tactic…transforming willing idiots into ‘victims’ to be admired) who have been ruthlessly duped by pundits and powerbrokers until their corporate masters pissing all over them is OKAY because its been rebranded as “Freedom Rain(TM)”.

            I could afford not to care how others waste their lives and hurt their own well being and nation…if it had no impact on people I love and car for…but since their willful ignorance and deliberate gullibility DOES have a serious impact…they can live with the consequence of publicly acting like complete morons…and cope with being called out for it.

  • Juan

    You know, it’s a strange feeling when the people whom you have identified as your enemies all your life suddenly dislike the very same people you dislike, but for very different reasons.
    Barry is about as much a fucking Muslim as Jimmy Swagert, for fucks sake.
    He certainly “supports” Islamic fundamentalists, that is certain, but only because he is on board for the current version of “The Great Game.” This Empire has decided that it needs enemies to keep the perpetual war thing going, so they create them for fun and profit.

    • InfvoCuernos

      That’s exactly the divisiveness that the two-party system engenders. Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows. I’m no more a trucker than Obama is a muslim, but I value my freedom and justice for all just as much as those truckers. The muslim radical thing will never stop-they’re just way to easy to manipulate with all that brain washing they get from birth, and both “sides” play into that. Regan was the one that opened the floodgates by training the Mujahedin in Afghanistan against the Soviets.

    • Craig Bickford

      Controlled opposition baby! That’s the name of the game, Gladio for the win.

  • Simon Valentine

    obey, repeat, deny, re-tweet, more drama accomplishing less than nothing. in politics, against is for and for is ignored.

    you have to stop being and start being superior irregardless of politics, which does nothing if not hamper evolution.

    • Rhoid Rager

      Your avatar is multiplying. And you are starting to make sense. Did you find a girl, Simon?

      • Simon Valentine

        it does its thing. very well. (: no, though an astute observation none the less, for what i have found is a piece of a feeling of myself that is similar to those felt during companionship, though more like the solidarity version i [had been] seek[ing]. a girl would be nice, for now, “keep listening to Solitary Man”.

      • Calypso_1

        an environment of simpatico cohorts works as well.

      • Iuwus

        jesus i’d love to see what happens when you are writing a love letter to somebody simon.

        • Rhoid Rager

          What in the hell does that even mean?

          • Iuwus

            well wouldn’t you be curious to see how somebody with such a unique approach to language would go about it? i also pictured some pretty amusing scenes with various recipients, especially with those who could actually reciprocate in kind. i thought that much was obvious.

  • Ric Andersen
    • Cortacespedes

      Of course it’s a hoax. You can’t “intentionally” shut down traffic in the capital, that would be an act of terrorism.

      • InfvoCuernos

        why not? looks like the government is doing a pretty good job of shutting itself down. Maybe we should put ’em all on trial for terrorism. ( if I had a nickle for every time I thought that in the past 12 years…).

        • Cortacespedes

          WHAT???? Our government, the embodiment of political “perfection”, has committed acts of terrorism? That simply cannot be! They are merely keeping us safe… from everything…except perhaps… them.

          • southernwoman1960

            It is the PRESIDENT who has done all of this. Congress is merely trying to save American from his evil intentions. God bless those truckers. Something needs to be done soon to save us from Obama.

          • Andrew

            The politician most able to fool you is the one who says things you agree with.

          • Guest

            You don’t say.

          • wolfe23

            While Obama is certainly quite whack (and every president is)…
            Thee problem with thee Affordable Health Care act (aka Obamacare) is that it forces everyone to buy into thee capitalistic ponzi scheme known as Private Insurance companies… instead of actually giving us Single Payer Healthcare…
            On thee one hand, it is possibly a step in thee right direction (ie it could lead to single payer eventually), but on thee otherhand, it possibly delays attainment of Single Payer by many years…

          • Andrew

            You know, Romneycare has a public option.

          • wolfe23

            okay Andrew… I was gonna say No I didn’t (well I didn’t)… but quite a bit of searching has led to no suggestions that it does have a public option, and much evidence that it doesn’t, and never did… unless it has very recently been added…
            do you have a link, or anything to point me to?

          • Andrew
  • Cortacespedes

    Leave it to the rednecks to come up with an effective plan on how to shut down D.C.

    Perhaps we need more anarchist Teamsters?

  • Dingbert

    Talked to a guy who worked on an Army study of the Beltway a couple years ago. They found that you could bring the whole thing to a halt–and prevent any escape–by strategically placing a mere handful of people with shotguns around to blow out tires. A short time later, the al Qaeda magazine “Inspire” recommended the same idea. Just one more reason to avoid the Beltway.

  • Andrew

    Next time they should plan a food truck rally. It’ll be more successful.

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