Coincidence Control Network: File #053 – Gold From Space!


This week: Ken and Kim cause the entire SittingNow Media podcast production line to grind to a halt because of Grand Theft Auto V, and then talk about it in length, Is gold really space swag?, Kimensional news, Giallo Fever, Drugs and America, more drugs, and ancient presidents go UFO spotting….ah, it’s good to be back!

PersonnelJoe Nolan, Kim Monaghan, and Ken Eakins


  • Is Gold from Outer Space? – Link
  • Jefferson’s UFO sighting Link
  • Dimension News – Link
  • Amer – Link

  • Blood on Black Lace – Link
  • The Worst Drug Epidemic in US History Link
  • Drug Scare Du Jour – Link


Venetian Snares, and Chrome Hoof

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