Collapse of the Industrial Civilization: Interview with Michael Ruppert

Abby Martin speaks with Michael Ruppert, investigative journalist and author of ‘Crossing the Rubicon’, about destructive energy policies, the global energy crisis and the potential for a collapse of industrial civilization as we know it unless people become more than just passive actors.
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Abby Martin

Abby Martin

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Abby Martin

4 Comments on "Collapse of the Industrial Civilization: Interview with Michael Ruppert"

  1. Simon Valentine | Oct 12, 2013 at 6:51 pm |

    “know and obey the law?” “aint nobody got time for that!”
    “run for the money, run for the show, run to get techy now go go go!”
    “techy! techy! hey we got this problem! save us! teach us!” then piggy rolls in the dirt again, humpity dumpity climbs, pies are baked, clowns buy them, and just as the last bit of whipping is wiped off mr. police man’s bum, the clown falls asleep. until that bum is in front of him again, pie in hand… will it be the same again?

    debunkroll out of the barrackswake upthemememewash.

    watching throwing out trash as parades, i seek solely no thang. tradition’s hybrid spiral down the drain. i could not but think of doppelgang.

    keep up the good work Abby~

    • Rhoid Rager | Oct 14, 2013 at 7:32 pm |

      Who is that?

      • Simon Valentine | Oct 14, 2013 at 7:38 pm |

        purportedly previously Lt. Samir Duran
        it’s Dr. Narud
        herald of Amon, misunderstood Xel’Naga prodigy, entity of the Void

        not much more relevant than that that video guy’s appearance reminded me of that there Dr. Narud. he could play a good Narud, the suave would be a great addition.

  2. drlechter | Oct 12, 2013 at 10:32 pm |

    I really liked Rupert in his old more investigative phase, he seemed more insightful, but as he transformed into captain doom, he is sounding more like a ranter going nowhere.

    He was an early promoter of the peak oil concept, which always seemed a little suspect, but how long has it been known now that that was a hoax perpetrated by big oil to justify the gouging. Monbiot said it in the Gaurdian some years ago and Palast just went into a detailed explanation of the hoax and its purpose in his recent Vultures Picnic, and undoubtedly its been said elsewhere as well, but Rupert and his groupies are still mouthing it like gospel.

    This isn’t to say I disagree with Mike that things are going badly here on the planet, and Palast does qualify his point with “there is plenty of oil left to fry the planet”.

    It is just that Mike seems to have gone from someone trying to figure out what is going on to someone spouting slogans while guiding people to their bunkers.

    His “fire your gun” approach is a good case in point. Lashing out at the nearest or most obvious target is fundamentally dissipating and most often just batting at straw dogs set up by the system for that very purpose.

    Personally I think he needs to chill for a while and read Zinn’s A Peoples History or some Aruhndati Roy, or or maybe Edwardo Galeano’s Open Veins and try to get some perspective again.

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