How to deal with Insecurity and Self-Consciousness

In this video Elina St-Onge of Collective Evolution collaborates with WeAreChange to share her personal experience on how to deal with insecurity and self consciousness.

To understand more about this topic check out Elina’s article on the issue here

Via WeAreChange

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  • mcubik

    wad some power the giftie gie us
    to see oursels as others see us


  • ManwithnoCountry

    Who am I?

  • atlanticus

    Yeah…not even remotely a problem for me.

    No, I’m kidding, but part of me really does want to snark “You’re still not over advertisements? What is this, 8th grade?” until I realize I just have a completely different standard.

    It honestly took me a few years longer than it should have to figure out that fitting the standard of “rebel” can be just as constricting a label as “follower” (you know, if you’re not doing it right…)

  • HCE

    Disinfo has been getting a little weird of late. What next? We Are Change interviews Dr. Phil?

    • Andrew

      > Disinfo has been getting a little weird of late.

      As opposed to when it wasn’t weird?

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