DisinfoCast: 77: Brian Barczyk – SnakeBytes.TV


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Brian Barczyk is the owner and operator of BHB Reptiles (BHBreptiles.com), one of the nation’s largest breeders of snakes and other reptiles, and the host of the popular internet series “Snakebytes”. (Snakebytes.tv http://www.youtube.com/user/snakebytestv).


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  • Ted Heistman

    This guy was great! Living the dream! I was the same way as a kid, except in addition to snakes I caught turtles and frogs I would just catch and release them after observing them for a while. My favorites were big snapping turtles. Got a couple 30+ lbers.

    Kind of happy to be in Florida now with some many native and exotic reptiles.

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