Fisherman Jumps in Ocean to Revive 300 lb. Bull Shark

This is an amazing video. Unfortunately, not every story like this has a happy ending: Many sharks caught and released die soon after, according to Juliet Eilperin’s book Demon Fish.

Via Huffington Post:

Regardless of how you feel about catch-and-release shark fishing, you have to respect this angler’s commitment to the latter part of the sport.

After reeling in a 300-pound bull shark, fishermen with Gasparilla Big Game, a charter service in Gasparilla, Fla., removed the hook from the shark’s mouth and released it back to the ocean. When it failed to swim away immediately, a courageous fisherman jumped into the water to help revive it. Meanwhile, a less-brave soul captured it all on video and uploaded it to YouTube.

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  • Jacob Newton

    hats off for this gentlemen

  • Monkey See Monkey Do

    It’s the least they could have done after they tortured it for their so called ‘sport’.

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