Google Earth helps cops nab suspected marijuana grower

It looks like it may be time to play indoors, and remember… Loose lips sink ships.

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Oregon police have gotten savvy to some satellite surveillance technology: Google Earth.

That’s right, the authorities in the southern corner of that state used Google Earth to nab a man suspected of growing more than his fair share of medical marijuana, according to the Grants Pass Daily Courier.

Apparently, the police caught word that Curtis W. Croft had been bragging about the prodigious weed crops he had been cultivating on his property. Checking out Google Earth, the police saw what looked to be satellite images of rows and rows of plants.

After verifying the crops with an aircraft, the Rogue Area Drug Enforcement Team was able to arrest Croft, who was allegedly growing roughly three times as many plants as he was allowed to propagate. According to the Grants Pass Daily Courier, Croft was arraigned on drug charges and released.

This isn’t the first time Google Earth has been used to investigate alleged pot growers. In fact, police started using Google Earth years ago to look for illegal crops. In 2006, Wisconsin authorities were able to catch a man allegedly growing several fields of marijuana.

It’s impossible to say just how many law enforcement agencies are actively using Google Earth, but one thing is certain: looking at Google’s often detailed images is a lot cheaper than flying helicopters or planes, particularly in remote areas. But, there is one downside for police — the images seen on Google Earth aren’t live; they could be weeks, months, or even years old.

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  • jasonpaulhayes

    Google, how much Heroin is shipped to the US in the caskets of dead soldiers?

  • BuzzCoastin

    once again a good tip for outdoor growers

    not inclined to bribing the cops
    quit using industrial farming techniques like rows you morons
    start varying the plants among plants with similar signatures & looks

    it’s easier just to feed he pigs, unless they’re too greedy

  • InfvoCuernos

    You know the big difference between a successful grower and one that will be doing time? You won’t know the successful grower because he doesn’t tell ANYONE he’s growing. Its not just the cops you have to watch out for.

    • jasonpaulhayes

      It’s an environmental issue for me as The Emerald Triangle is “My Backyard”. I say nab the growers taking to the national and state forest areas causing environmental damage and monitor the impact of the rest of the legitimate operations known by the state. The DEA is already using environmental issues as the primary reinforcement for raiding many of the Guerrilla Grop-Ops they do raid, which is far less Ops and Raids in recent years thankfully.

      • InfvoCuernos

        I agree, if they would legalize it once and for all, then illegal park growers would be able to move into appropriate facilities. The press tried to link park growers to Mexican Cartels, but I don’t think its limited to just them.

  • DeepCough

    Why hasn’t Oregon legalized it yet?