Government Shutdown Impacts Area 51

Paul2Federal workers at Area 51 are being furloughed, but don’t think that you’ll have any easier of a time sneaking a look at what’s happening there:

Via 8 News Now:

A high-tech sentinel is silhouetted atop a ridge adjacent to the best known entrance point to Area 51, on the flip side of a gravel roadway, the tell-tale vehicle of the omnipresent camo dudes, the security force that patrols the perimeter of the Groom Lake facility to keep the curious out.

Even with the unavoidable warning signs, hidden sensors, and armed security teams, there are still some who think the government shutdown might be a once in a lifetime chance to slip onto the base and see what is going on.

“Security is actually more intense than it was because people do expect there to be nobody there,” proprietor at Little A’le’inn Connie West said.

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