Home of Author of Bible-Inspired Erotica Vandalized

2013-08-20-GenesisDefloweredCoverMEDIUMLooks like Harlem has its own Martin Luther

Via DNA Info NY

The Harlem author of a book of Bible-inspired erotica got a negative review last week — in the form of vandalism on the steps of his 123rd Street home.

Matthew Stillman, writer of the book “Genesis Deflowered,” found red graffiti reading “blasphmy,” misspelled, on the bottom step of his brownstone early Friday morning.

“I think someone is angry and lashed out,” said Stillman, a former television and film producer who reported the graffiti to the 28th Precinct which classified the incident as a case of criminal mischief.

Stillman, 40, said he has received hate mail about the book published in August since he appeared on Fox News earlier this month.

“You’re still my enemy, but lucky for us…the Bible says to love your enemies,” one piece of mail read.

Stillman defended “Genesis Deflowered,” which is written in the flowery English of the 17th century, and said he didn’t intend to degrade the Bible, which he said mentions at least 500 implied sexual situations in Genesis alone.

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  1. Eric_D_Read | Oct 2, 2013 at 11:39 pm |

    He reported it to the cops?
    If I outraged a christian enough for them to graffiti my front steps, I’d be rounding up all sorts of props and having a photo session with that shit.

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