Jesse Ventura/Howard Stern For President 2016

Jesse “The Body” Ventura for President!When asked whether he would run for president someday, former Minnesota governor and former professional wrestler Jesse Ventura said: sure, why not.“I like the idea of waging war on the Democrats and the Republicans,” Ventura told POLITICO. “I enjoy it because they’re so vulnerable. They’re so easy. If I can debate them, I can beat them.”

Jesse Ventura has said in the past that he did not want to run for president, but that has now changed.

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“It all comes down to whether Howard will do it, and I need Howard,” said Ventura, adding that Stern’s access to satellite radio — and millions of listeners — will not only help out fundraising but free Ventura from the Federal Communications Commission.

“I can use his radio station right up to the day of the election to win this thing without spending any money,” Ventura said.

Ventura said he’s in touch with Stern and “we gotta start soon.”

“We gotta go quick. I’ve gotta get ballot access in all 50 states with a grass-roots movement.”

“If he goes out to his listeners and says, ‘Give me $10 apiece,’” fundraising won’t be an issue, Ventura said.

Ventura said his greatest appeal to voters comes down to this: “I will offer the people of the United States of America the first opportunity since George Washington to elect a president that does not belong to a political party. And, in light of what’s going on right now with the government shutdown with these two bozo parties, I’ll win on that alone. Because the people will be so ticked off, Jesse Ventura will be your president.”

Believe it or not, that bit of news isn’t why Ventura is hitting the promotional circuit. He’s out with a new book about the assassination of John F. Kennedy that rejects the findings of the Warren Commission and, instead, says the U.S. government, including former President Lyndon B. Johnson, had a hand in that fateful day in Dallas.

The title is, “They Killed Our President: 63 Reasons to Believe There Was a Conspiracy to Assassinate JFK,” and he’s well aware that it’s not for everybody.

“I can’t get on NBC. I can’t get on ABC. I can’t get on CBS. I can’t get on Fox. … They avoid it like the plague.”

Ventura said it’s because “the media has been part of the coverup,” and he’s particularly annoyed at Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly.

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9 Comments on "Jesse Ventura/Howard Stern For President 2016"

  1. BuzzCoastin | Oct 17, 2013 at 6:13 pm |

    maybe Bababooie can fill in for Howard

    • DeepCough | Oct 17, 2013 at 6:26 pm |

      Actually, no, he cannot. He was already President from 2001-09.

      • BuzzCoastin | Oct 17, 2013 at 6:28 pm |

        I think you just insulted Gary
        by equating him with Bush
        whereas Fred is more close to Bush

  2. If these guys really care about getting people to consider alternatives to the two party system, the best thing they could do is clear a path for someone serious to run.

    • Ventura did manage to get elected as a mayor against a 25-year incumbent, and then governor, beating out the two main parties with only $300k.
      Stern is decidedly un-Serious, running for governor once–as a joke.

    • DeepCough | Oct 17, 2013 at 10:45 pm |

      I think we Americans don’t troll the electoral system in this country enough!

    • Sheer name recognition and pull with the general mass of non-voters might be enough for them to do some damage. The current elected yahoos wouldn’t allow it though. There would be some sort of shenanigans and they would end of losing even if they managed to get the vote.

    • Ok, I withdraw all my defense of Jesse from this point on. Idiotic stuff from him here.

      Was unaware of this until it popped up next to the other thread.

      So disappointed.

  3. IrishPotatoGun | Oct 17, 2013 at 11:36 pm |

    Ventura basically laid out that he really wants to use Stern as Financial/commercial vehicle to launch his campaign without FCC restrictions, whether or not he is part of the ticket is irrelevant.

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