Jupiter And Saturn May Experience Rain Of Liquid Diamonds

raining diamondsOn other planets, it rains diamonds. Nature writes:

It may actually be raining diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter, according to two planetary scientists.

In their scenario, lightning zaps molecules of methane in the upper atmospheres of Saturn and Jupiter, liberating carbon atoms. As the soot particles slowly float down through ever-denser layers of gaseous and liquid hydrogen, it is compressed into graphite, and then into solid diamonds before reaching a temperature of about 8,000 °C, when the diamond melts, forming liquid diamond raindrops. Saturn may harbor about 10 million tonnes of diamond produced this way.

“If you had a robot there, it would sit there and collect diamonds raining down,” Baines says. In their vision of the year 2469, diamonds would be collected on Saturn and used to make the ultra-strong hulls of mining ships delving deep into the planet’s interior to collect helium-3 for clean-burning fusion fuel.

  • jasonpaulhayes

    Dont let the Queen find out !

    • Jin The Ninja

      or any unrepentant capitalists…

      • Rhoid Rager

        de Beers has already staked a claim.

        • Jin The Ninja

          i can’t wait to see the PR spin re: the ‘rarity’ of diamonds.

  • kcorb

    Never mind the pressure that can crush graphite into diamonds or the 8,000 °C temps.

  • jnana

    Arthur C. Clarke wrote a book about Jupiter having a diamond core that we learned to extract. Diamonds ceased to have the same value, but instead became utilitarian and man made a glass elevator to the moon