Are You A Transhuman? Larry King Interviews Futurist FM-2030

Want a glimpse of someone truly born far before their time? Circa 1989, the future-obsessed professor and consultant named FM-2030 (born Fereidoun M. Esfandiary) interviewed by Larry King, with befuddled call-ins from middle Americans. Author of a book titled Are You a Transhuman?: Monitoring and Stimulating Your Personal Rate of Growth in a Rapidly Changing World, FM-2030 told the public that they should be prepared and eager to evolve to “transhumans.” However, he emphasized a brand of super-optimistic futurism that was at its core not about technological advancement so much as becoming increasingly “humanity rich” – more open, empathetic, and compassionate. He died in 2000 and is currently cryogenically preserved, awaiting reanimation:

4 Comments on "Are You A Transhuman? Larry King Interviews Futurist FM-2030"

  1. people were so optimistic in the 90’s

  2. That show jingle is fantastic.

  3. alizardx | Oct 4, 2013 at 1:53 am |

    FM-2030’s “Transhuman” message didn’t get traction because it couldn’t be turned into something that could be turned into a corporate-friendly political agenda – unlike “pie in the sky when you don’t die”.

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