Louisiana Oil: From The Kingfish To Deepwater Horizon

The collapse of Deepwater HorizonThis is not just another article about Deepwater Horizon, but rather a short history lesson.  For instance, have  you, or do you…

…ever wonder where the New Deal came from and why?

…know who drew up the borders of Iran, and why?

…ever wonder why Huey P. Long is universally portrayed as a mere laughable Southern caricature, though he was a hero to the common people of Louisiana until his death?

…know which oil company is responsible for more oil spills than any other?

…ever met a real live Cajun?  (aahyee!)

…know very much at all about Louisiana?

Well, make some popcorn and sit back, here is a full length documentary.  Unlike the History lessons in school, you will not be asked to memorize any names, dates or places, nor will you be bored and watching the clock for the end of the period.

Note: The first five minutes told enough history – of which most Americans today are completely unaware – that I knew where this was going to end up.  It should be added though, that when Churchill drew a circle around the huge sea of oil that British engineers had discovered, and named it Iran, he made sure to include all the neighboring warring factions he could.  Many have been critical of him for this, saying it was a stupid thing to do, but in doing so he ensured instability in the region for the next 100 years to come.  He also referred to Iran as the British Empire’s refueling station for the next war.  This was shortly after World War I.


Recently I had a conversation with one of my employees who is attending College here in WA.  We were talking about  history and Huey came up.  He told me that his American History teacher – who has a Doctorate in Spanish History – covered Huey Long one day.  Rather than teach the history of what he did and what was happening back then – which WA was ostensibly paying her to do – she editorialized history and merely explained to the class that Huey P. Long was more or less a joke and a ridiculous figure.  (But don’t get me started on the WA Education System.  That is another story for another day.  But it is coming…)

Now, for those of you who do not know, in order to force Standard Oil begin to pay for the oil they were taking from Louisiana, Governor Long sent in the LA State Guard to seize Standard Oil property.  This brought Standard Oil around enough for them to start sharing the wealth, although begrudgingly.  Later, Huey, then a Senator and armed with a million American’s signatures on his Redistribute The Wealth Petition, was obviously headed for the White House long before he made the declaration.  It was at this time that Roosevelt rolled out a watered down version of Huey’s programs with the name “The New Deal.”

They say that history repeats itself and the film begins to point this out when it mentions the plundering of the Southern States as a prelude to the more than fifty years of brutal Colonial plundering of South America.   However the parallels continue way past what the film mentions.  Long’s seizure of Standard Oil’s property, though little known by the American public was not lost on Hugo Chavez, who did pretty much the same thing to the oil companies which were plundering his country’s resources.  Another parallel can be drawn between the assassination of Long and the recent death of Hugo Chavez by cancer.  Of course, there is no hard evidence – there never is in a successful conspiracy – but it becomes exceedingly clear that working for the people against Big Oil is not good for one’s longevity.

Anyone want to go get some seafood?


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