Man Claims to Have Been Attacked By Homosexual Demon

the-devil-is-gay-fixlerSomeone call a sexorcist.


A bizarre and violent series of events at an Oklahoma City apartment involving Bible burning, blood, a “homosexual demon” and destruction, has landed a man behind bars.

According to Oklahoma City police, 22-year-old Jeremy Jarnell Anderson is being held at the Oklahoma County jail Thursday after a violent episode at his apartment on the 1400 block of S. Indiana Ave.

Officers said they were called to the Oklahoma City apartment Wednesday for a reported “person going ballistic.”

Officers said the caller mentioned a man whose face was bloody had kicked a heavy apartment door off its hinges, poured salt and soap all over himself and was breaking glass and other objects.

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  • echar

    He should have called Bob Larson.

  • oneironauticus


    (For the benefit of those who did not listen to the old-skool Disinfo podcasts:

    “Its nocturnal attacks can comprise simple physical assault and/or poltergeist-like phenomena; but most feared is sexual assault and the sodomising of adult men and women. Victims are often urged to tell others that they have been assaulted, and are threatened with repeat visits by Popobawa if they do not.”)

  • Anarchy Pony

    Did someone just watch This Is The End?

  • InfvoCuernos

    I’m pretty sure that demon’s name is Crystal Meth.

  • BuzzCoastin

    Oklahoma City
    Oklahomo City
    Oral (wink wink) Roberts U
    butt seriously folk
    ever been to OK City?
    this is report is a typical reaction to being in OK City
    for more than an hour

  • Conspiracy Carrot

    Some guys have all the fun…

  • Despicable Yeti

    Seems legit.